Keating's 1st Braves Game

Last Wednesday we took Keating for his first outing to Turner Field to see a Braves game. He is a huge baseball fan and was in pure heaven. His favorite part of the night was the new baseball that his "G" got for him. He's lucky to have such a great "G" because his mom told him that she was NOT buying a $12 baseball!
I need to come back and update on a few things, but life moves pretty fast, and there have not been enough hours in the day lately! I know everyone knows the feeling! We are looking forward to a family trip for Labor day, which will hopefully bring a little down time.


  1. Looks like fun! We can't wait to take Weston to his first Braves game! :)

  2. Aww Keating looks so cute! Glad he enjoyed his first game! Looks like you all had a nice time!

  3. he's just so cute!! and you look fab as always!


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