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The past few days we have been blessed with gorgeous spring like weather and we have been soaking up every bit of it. I hope that it decides to stick around. I love spring, but to be honest its more for selfish reasons... my maternity pants are all too small so I am looking forward to wearing flowy dresses!

We have been spending a lot of time outside. Nothing says Spring to me like all of the fresh flowers that are springing up around us. Not so much in our yard... because it is currently very bare after all of the renovating. Forsythia is my favorite spring flower, and lucky for me Brad's aunt has a lot of it that she doesn't mind sharing! Keating and I went for a little walk to try out our new double stroller yesterday and I decided to pick a bit. It just makes the house so much happier! Like a breath of fresh air. Also you may notice in this photo we swapped out our kitchen light. This change took place around Christmas, but it is just making its way into a photo. We wanted something bigger to take up the space. The old lantern is now hanging over the master bathtub. This light is from Home Depot if anyone is curious.

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it on here, but a few years ago we purchased a 2 acre lot in the same neighborhood where we currently live. Initially this lot was going to be used to build a house on, but life had a way of working out and now we live a block away and also get to enjoy the perks of our little piece of land and pond. It is nice because our little property ties to Brad's aunt and uncle's big property.

Keating loves throwing things off of the dock, especially things that he doesn't really want to get rid of, such as bubble wands and balls. Yesterday I got to climb into the row boat 34 weeks pregnant to retrieve his new bubble wand. That was a sight to see I am sure... fat and uncoordinated trying not to flip out of the boat. I should be awarded mom of the year!

Brad's aunt has 15 chickens beautiful chickens that make for a fun afternoon with a toddler. We are lucky to have our own little petting zoo right down the street for whenever he gets the urge to go see the chickens. For everyone that is worried about germs, he doesn't really pet them. Chickens don't particularly care for 2 year old boys. Keating on the other hand thinks they are quite amusing.I have tried my hand again at doing at home haircuts. Last week before church Keating looked like he had a mop on his head. Being that it was Sunday morning when I decided that he needed a haircut, we had no choice but to give it a go at home. It really didn't turn out as disastrous as last time... but I do need to find a longer guard so that the top isnt so short. This kid has a head full of cowlicks. (I told you our yard needs a lot of work, as seen below!)
He was quite proud of his new do but I am not sure how I feel about him looking so old. He is more boy than baby now and that makes me sad!
He is still sweet and enjoys a good snuggle though. He also only has eyes for his mama. I am not sure how he is going to handle a second baby. I pray every night that he makes a smooth transition. I'm not sure if this is just him, or if all kids do this... but he has a collection of items that he must bring to bed every night. It used to just be his two lovies "night night and woof woof" but now he has added random animals, tractors, bottles of water, pennies... whatever he needs that day. Is this normal? Here he is with an arm full of stuff. I am glad I got this photo last week... because we are currently in the market for a new baby monitor...
This is the current state of the monitor after Ike knocked it off of the counter. Thankfully the sound still works, but the screen is obviously shot. Does anyone have any good video monitor suggestions? I would prefer not to have another Summer's infant because this one was junk long before Ike got a hold of it.
This weekend also involved some home improvement and a little prep work for Archer's nursery. All of the bedding is done, baby clothes have been washed, and we installed the hardware for his closet. We are waiting to move the computer/office out of there and it will be nearly finished. I made a few little/big artwork items that will be hung up as soon as they are complete. Here is a little peek. I think it is all coming together quite nicely.
To those that mentioned I had "employees" plural in jail... yes that was no typo. I hire an "eclectic" group of people to say the least! Oh the stories I could tell... maybe another time!
And to anyone who offered advice with Ike. Thank you for all of your encouragement and kind words. He has been doing MUCH better. No accidents in the house in over a week! Progress I am very happy to report!
I hope everyone is having a happy monday!


  1. Just found your blog! I love your open shelving in the kitchen and your son is precious!!

  2. Flynn also needs a "collection" of things when he goes to bed. Strange but whatever gets them to sleep. I also find him in bed with about 20 books in the morning. I guess the one story I read just doesnt cut it.

  3. I love my Motorola monitor. It is amazing! I waited two years for it: http://www.amazon.com/Motorola-Digital-Video-Monitor-Screen/dp/B004VL2VRY we went with the 3.5' monitor and I have been SO happy with it. The neatest feature is you can talk through the handset into his room. It also has a temperature gauge so I can keep an eye on things overnight (C's room is over our garage and the temp fluctuates a lot!).

  4. LOOOOOOOOVE the kitchen, and how jealous am i of your water cooler?!

  5. Evie also does the collection-of-toys-in-bed thing. Stuffed animals, tons of books...I've even found blocks in there when I get her up in the morning! Must be a two year old thing!

  6. SO cute! We have a summer infant monitor and it works great. We have pricier hand held color one with the moving camera...worth the extra money. A lot of my friends have this same one and everyone is very happy with it.


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