To Do's before DUE date!

At the beginning of the year I complied a list of To Do's before Archer's big arrival. Some are baby related, some are just house related in general. I am happy to say that a majority of the items has actually been accomplished. Here is how the list is shaping up.

* Hang entry shelf - Complete - as seen here
* Throw Keating a 2nd birthday party - Complete! you can see that here
* Change Keating to a big bed - Complete
* Find bedding and make pillows for big boy bed - Complete
* Get blinds for all windows that are missing them - In Progress
* Dress up the roman shades in my bathroom - not even started...
* Sew crib sheet - Done!
* Sew bed skirt - Done!
* Sew baby blanket - Done!
* Sew curtains - Done!
* Get more pictures up on the walls - In progress
* Paint and hang lantern light fixture in master bathroom - Done!
* Find dresser for Archer's room - Done! He will be getting Keating's old one
* Hang hardware inside of Archer's closet - Done!
* Paint lamp for Archer's room - In Progress
* Find lamp shade for lamp -
* Locate lost baby items from move such as boppy, bumbo, bottles etc. - In progress
* Wash all baby clothes - Done!
* Art work for nursery walls - In Progress
* Order Mom's on Call videos for a newborn refresher - Need to do this asap!
I hope to have photos up of some of the complete projects such as Keating's room,

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  1. And you are going to have to rethink the lamp for Archer's room! Ike drug it off the table and it is in a million pieces on the patio!


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