We had gorgeous weather here over the weekend. I went to our outdoor shopping mall to do a little Christmas shopping and perusing for ideas.

They are smart to play Christmas music this early. It put me in the mood to spend lots of cash that I dont have. Instead I browsed for ideas.

I popped into Pottery Barn for a quick peek... which turned into an hour of touching and inspecting every little thing. I came away with a few ideas that I am going to recreate on a tight budget.

I LOVE mercury glass but its pretty pricey. Not sure how Im going to get the look yet... but Im still contemplating.

After seeing the Polar Express I have a love of sleigh bells. My friend Michelle introduced me to the gorgeous Wallace Bells that come out each season. I started collecting last year. So I only have two, but they are so pretty and festive!

I love the idea of using bells as a vase filler!

I had a gift card and ordered these pretty little hand towels.

Pine cones are such an easy thing to round up in the south. Lola and I are going for a walk to find some today!

As of now, Im trying to hold out on my decorating until after Thanksgiving... but Im not sure if I will make it!


  1. i've read an article somewhere about faking mercury glass....i think you use shiny metallic spray paint on the INSIDE, and then maybe sand it off in places??

  2. I love those hand towels!! And don't we all LOVE Pottery Barn! My fave place! :)

  3. Ohhh great ideas...umm....bells and the pine cones..love it!! :)

  4. Crate & Barrel and World Market had some mercury glass that was cheaper but if you find a way to fake it definitely post about it!

  5. http://www.bhg.com/videos/m/21932922/mercury-glass-look-alike.htm

  6. If you want to decorate so bad come over to my house! If I dont get any help I am not going to decorate at all this year :)

  7. what cute ideas! i LOVE the thought of using bells as vase fillers.. and pine cones and evergreen branches are must-have decor in our house. gosh, after reading this post, i'm not sure i can hold out until after thanksgiving either!!!

  8. I've been playing with the idea of putting up my decorations already too! And as far as Pottery Barn, I love it too much so I try to stay out of there LOL. I really like your idea of recreating on a budget.

  9. Adorable hand towels.

    I love the bells as filler idea. Now I just need to find a bag of sleigh bells!

  10. I don't know that I can wait to decorate until after Thanksgiving either! I think about it everyday...I am trying to come up with some new ideas for my tree this year. The tree is my favorite part...I always try to achieve what I consider to be a "designers showcase" tree, ha! Love the idea of using bells as a vase filler...super cute!


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