A very Carroll Christmas

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!" - Buddy the Elf
These are the Christmas cards that we sent out this year. I am so happy with the way they turned out! Once again I used shutterfly, and was SO pleased with the outcome. The fact that all three of us and Lola are looking at the camera is quite the accomplishment! Those with toddlers and crazy dogs know what I am talking about.
Keating was sick when we had the photos taken, so this is really the only photo where he is being his normal silly self. I thought the quote from Buddy the Elf was perfect. Keating doesn't really understand Christmas this year, but he has enjoyed the perks of Christmas lights, the tree and his new favorite beverage eggnog! It is going to be hard to explain to him that eggnog is seasonal and he can't have it year round. He's especially curious about the ornaments (all of the special ones have been put up high), and recently he became interested in the gifts. Yesterday he snuck away with a pair of scissors and was trying to cut the paper off of the presents under the tree. Yes, I am an awful mom and I had scissors within reach of a toddler. Honestly though, the kid knows how to use a Dewalt drill and tries to take apart his toys with screw drivers... scissors are the least of our problems! I guess I can blame his love of tools on all of the house renovations.

Keating is also not interested in Santa at all. It doesnt matter the movies we show him or trips to see him... he is not a fan of "Hayha" (he isnt great with saying his S's). As seen from the photo below. While standing in line we tried talking Santa up about being a nice man, and that Reece was going to sit with him too. Reece went first, and as soon as she sat down Keating started flipping out. We thought he may at least sit on his lap with her there, not so much. He can chat in the check out line at the grocery store and be a regular comedian at the barber shop, but put him in a bearded man's lap and he flips out. Dont have too much sympathy, he is a pro at whipping out those big 'ol crocodile tears!
This weekend we will be venturing up to the mountains for Brad's family's annual "Carroll Christmas." I must say it is quite festive to have Carroll as a last name this time of year! His family goes all out with wonderful food, skeet shooting, a children's nativity, and a basket swap for everyone's homemade treats. Then, Saturday night we will be in Atlanta for Brad's company party. Keating's awesome Auntie will be watching him that night, so that we can stay out past 9 o'clock! Should be a nice little Christmasy weekend, just what we need this time of year! I hope everyone else has a great time on the last weekend before Christmas. How is it that Christmas is already in 9 days!?


  1. Nice job sneaking "skeet shooting" into the activities of Carroll Christmas; don't think it went unnoticed. ;o)

  2. Lol! Wasn't sneaking it in there! I mean, it is in the north Georgia mountains! Gotta have shotguns involved somehow!

  3. Your Christmas pictures are adorable! Love them all, especially the one with the Christmas bunting!

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