Post Christmas Post and a Puppy

Happy Belated Christmas friends! I admit that a day or two ago, I was a little sad that Christmas was complete. I was still clinging on by listening to the Michael Buble Christmas CD in the car... but since then, I am glad that it is past and that we have 12 months to recover until next year! Now only if spring could hurry up a bit, I am officially over cold weather after Christmas!

Christmas was wonderful. We spent Christmas eve at our church's service, where Keating actually sat through the entire thing. I am sure it helped that there was snow falling from the ceiling and lots of singing and acting, but I will take what I can get!

After church we went to my parent's house where we had a traditional cajun Christmas eve dinner of seafood gumbo. Keating got to open the first present this Christmas and my parents decided to give him his biggest gift first. That pretty much distracted him the rest of the night because he is so obsessed with this tractor! I still haven't uploaded any photos so all that we have are iphone pics.

Even though Keating didn't really understand the excitement of Christmas morning, he woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to start the day. I stuck him in our bed for a few minutes so that I could put on a smidge of makeup before going into the living room. Call me vain, but Christmas morning photos live on for-ev-er. Keating had a little bedhead, but he isn't ashamed. If you happened to notice the festive red sheets on our bed, I wasn't trying to be Christmasy, thats just what we threw on when Keating decided to color with Sharpie all over our WHITE duvet and sheets the day before. But thats a different post for a different day.

We kept it simple, but Santa was pretty good to Keating. He hadn't gotten any new toys in a long time, so he was due for a few upgrades. A few of his favorites were his remote controlled police car, a basketball that Lola immediately popped, his Sesame Street toys, and the magnadoodle that I added last minute after the Sharpie incident.

Santa... or Brad was very good to me as well. I got a few great stocking stuffers such as travel toiletry bags from West Elm, a new Iphone cover, and a housekeeping service for 6 months!!!! That man really knows the way to my heart, or he is just tired of having a dirty house!

I also got the most beautiful pair of Frye boots I've ever laid eyes on. I've been asking for a pair every Christmas since we got married. I told Brad I'd wear them the rest of my life if I got them. So far that has been true, they haven't left my feet except to sleep.

And to add one more surprise to the list, Brad and his talented carpenter friend made the shelf that I have been dying for ever since I saw this photo! I can't wait to get it hung up! It is really going to finish the look of our entry way.

Which brings me to the final "gift" of Christmas... Santa made a late delivery and this little guy came to live with us yesterday. Brad has been dying for another German Shepherd and this week we finally found one in our price range. Brad called on the ad, but told me that all of the puppies had been sold. Of course he was pulling a fast one on me, because he had one reserved. Yes we are quite crazy to bring a puppy into the house with a baby on the way! I think the pregnancy hormones are eating my brain. But just look at that face! Also take notice of his ENORMOUS paws, this guy is going to be a beast.

Keating and "Riggs" (his unofficial name) have become fast friends. They follow each other around and enjoy sitting in the dog crate together, or sharing toothbrushes. He's great at sharing, but we are working on not sharing quite so much stuff with dogs!

Poor Lola on the other hand... is not a fan. Not. One. Bit. She and I are officially outnumbered in the male to female ratio in the house.
Well, I'd say that pretty much sums up our Christmas. I am ready to get all of our decorations down so that we can start the New Year off to a fresh start. That also means less stuff for a toddler and a puppy to get in to! I know 2012 is going to be one crazy year! I can't wait to see whats in store!


  1. Those boots are to die for! and so is a housekeeping service! LOL

    Keating looks adorable on his little tractor too! Im sure him and your new pup will be life long best buds!

  2. omg... those boots! I need them! The pup is adorable!

  3. I can't wait to see the shelf up! I want one like that for the playroom. Those boots are gorgeous! So jealous of your housekeeping service =) Have a great day! ~Andrea

  4. Love the bed head, the boots & mostly the puppy!!!

  5. JW got the tractor for his birthday from my parents....he loves his "beep beep". We're hoping he'll push it around to help with walking! Looks like you had an amazing Christmas!!

  6. the new puppy could be the cutest thing i have EVER seen!!!!

  7. Love your Boston Terrier, Lola. What a cutie! We have one too. Bostons make the best pets.


  8. That puppy is the cutest thing I've seen. Absolutely precious, especially the picture of him in Keating's lap!

  9. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!


  10. OMG that sweet puppy melted my heart!! I love that pic of him with Keating!! So sweet!!

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