Nursery Ideas

They always say that with the second child, you dont have as much time to prepare. You just wing it. So far, this has been entirely true. I have been relying on the fact that we already have everything we need this go round... although it is all boxed up somewhere in the basement.

I have started feeling a bit guilty that I haven't gone overboard on everything for Archer. At this point with Keating, he had a closet of clothes and a nearly finished nursery. Archer has hand-me-down clothes and a room that has been the "catch all" for the rest of the house. Total mom fail. I still have until late April, but now that Christmas is passed, I can have a clear head and get to business.

I have a picture in my mind of what I want the nursery to look like but I can't seem to find any images that are just right. Boy nurseries can easily go into the themed category if you aren't careful... which ended up happening in Keating's room. I wanted a few cowboy touches, and then the entire room took a western turn. Looking back, it was still really cute, but I probably would have scaled down the cowboy touches a bit. Here are some of the inspiration photos that I have taken bits and pieces of ideas from.

I LOVE the sheets on this bed. I couldn't find the sheets because they are discontinued from Serena and Lily. Lucky for me, they still had the fabric. I am going to try my mad sewing skills at making a crib sheet. Cant be too tough right? Sadly Archer's room is no where close to this big.

Yes I realize, some of these are girly nurseries, but I loved the orange and the striped walls in this one. Although... I will never paint striped walls in my house again after the disaster of painting my old bathroom. I also like the book shelves flanking the window.

Yet another image with the houndstooth sheets. I love houndstooth. Its a sickness really. I love the simple bedding in this crib, but I think I would swap out the black for navy blue.

More book shelves. I love how these look built in. I'm thinking this could be done with Ikea bookcases.... I also love the abstract artwork.

The existing wall color *I think* is Misty by Sherwin Williams. I really love it, so I want to make it work as Tim Gunn would say. I would also like to have a dresser/ changing table in a fun pop of color. As you can see, I have a long way to go, and not much time to get there! All I really have right now is inspiration photos, so I will share a bit more as the room progresses.


  1. I love bookshelves too, they really add height to the room. I couldn't agree more on "just winging it" for the second child. For us the first one was like preparing for The President to arrive. The second one on the way, we are content and pretty much have everything we need. I do feel guilty I haven't given the 2nd pregnancy the same attention as the first, but it is what it is. The only thing we changed in the nursery was from girl bedding to baby boy bedding. That it!

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  3. Loving these pics! I was so worried about a boy nursery before we found out that gracie was a girl because I couldn't find any pics that I liked. Yours are great though. I am really loving the green/houndstooth one. That has to be my favorite so far!

  4. I found my preparation for Jett was not near what it was for Luke so I guess there is some truth to that assumption. Oh well :) I think my energy level was just not there. I love love love the window hardware in the second photo coming down from the ceilings and am also a fan of the orange color choices.

    I'm sure you will dream up something wonderful!

    Cheers to meeting your new little guy in 2012.

  5. My son is 3 months old and my first. His room is STILL the former catch all! I'll finish his nursery eventually. I wasn't really in a rush since he'd be rooming in with us for a while. The inspiration photos are great! Gets me inspired :)

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