Bad haircuts and broken bubble mowers

I realize that I haven't given any real updates about Keating since I stopped his monthly posts. Life just flies by too fast... how do I have a 15 month old!? Last week Blue's hair was getting a little long over the ears, so I decided to give him a quick trim like I did a few months back. I always cut Brad's hair, so this is no biggie, just a little more complicated. Blue cries and flails about while I am attempting to cut his, this reaction has not gotten better over time. Well, I grabbed a 5 guard thinking that was the length I used last time, and started in the front. BIG MISTAKE. {note to self, dont ever start cutting hair in the front!} At that point, it was too late and we had to just run with it. All in all, it doesn't look awful, just much shorter than I anticipated. It definitely is growing in much blonder than it used to be. I just hope it grows out before my sisters wedding next month!

Keating is a true boy in every sense of the word. He enjoys things like dirt, sticks, tractors, bats, balls, mud, tools, trucks, cars... so it came as no surprise that he would like his bubble mower. The mower was having a little trouble cutting grass producing bubbles, so he and his Gpaw decided to do a little work on it.

Keating is now talking up a storm, which is a good and bad thing. The good is that he can now say things he wants which equals not as much whining. Can I get an Amen?! But the bad is that he likes to copy things he shouldn't repeat... We definitely have to watch what we say around him now.

So this is where I get to brag on my kid and say how smart he is. =)
If asked, he can show you his feet, toes, hands, fingers, belly button, head, hair, tongue, eyes, mouth, ears, nose, and his manhood... Nice. Typical male.

He can say...
snack, ball, no no, dip it{when he wants to dip his food in ketchup or ranch},belly button, all wet{usually comes after playing in the dog water}, a mess, thank you, all done, bubble, stick, pretty, hair, hey, hello, kisses, bye bye, mama, dada, nose, eyes, truck, moo, woof woof, outside, remote, all four of the dogs names, and stinky. I'm sure there are more that I am forgetting. Of course all of these words are his own interpretation of them, but they are always consistent and now we know what he is talking about. Sweet relief!

He is quite the talker, I can't imagine where he gets that from. One phrase we can't figure out is "a ha ball" Obviously we know what ball is, but no clue about "a ha" This gets repeated 100's of times a day. He is ob-sessed with balls.

He is at such a fun age, we are really enjoying all of the interaction and personality. Such as batting his eyes and flirting with random strangers at the grocery store. His other new trick is stomping his feet or getting completely rigid and arching his back when he doesn't get his way. Ahh the joys of entering toddlerhood!


  1. What a precious little boy. I have an almost 2 year old who is also obsessed with everything boy. We have a mower, blower, weedeater, trash truck (and spent 45 minutes on YouTube watching videos of trash trucks)...it's insanity!

  2. Seriously, what a BEAUTIFUL little boy!! Love those eyes... and those lips - he's gonna be a lady killer! He's growing up so fast - if I knew where you shopped...I'd be stalking the place so that I could be the "stranger" he flirts with! I know you are in heaven!

  3. And it is officially Shonnie time now! So I get to enjoy him all day!

  4. Awe! Such a sweet boy! Maybe "a ha ball" is "I have ball"?

  5. aw what a little angel face!..your photos are really nice..



  6. I thought the SAME thing as Mrs. Prepperoni ... "I have ball." or "I have ball?"

    Very cute and I think his hair looks just fine! Handsome boy!


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