May House Updates

Well, I can't believe that it is already the end of May! This month flew by and life has been busy. But, that's life! For starters, I have these two trouble makers on my hands. From 5:30 until my head hits the pillow, one of both of them is fighting for my attention or needing constant entertainment. Keating has learned to climb on everything that is dangerous, and digging through anything that is not child proofed. He is a scavenger and can find things you never knew you had! I should give him a list of things that are missing so that he can be on the look out! Here's Lola enjoying Blue's baby pool. She appreciates it way more than he does!

The house progress is moving slowly but surely. We took on way more than we originally planned, and came across hold ups with old plumbing and electricity that had to be replaced. We are hoping to be moving in sometime in early June, but I am thinking it will be late June.

Sorry for the Iphone photos.

Here is the living room with the first coat of new paint {SW Agreeable gray} and new can lights. We took down the old light fixtures and these beams will be cased out to look like old barn wood beams. The fireplace will also be painted a lighter color. We are doing our best to combine Brad's and my style to make it a home we both appreciate. Barn wood = Brad, Gray paint and white trim = me. New lights and windows really brighten up this space!

Here is the hall bath with a new bigger/ nicer window, new trim, and no old weird mirror. Even though this room is far from being finished, I already think the tile looks better without as much sea foam green in there.

This is the guest room, It is hard to see from the photo, but the color is a nice blue grey. I cant remember the name off of the top of my head. Brad "thinks" the color is turquoise... I swear that man is color blind.

Here are the new doors to our master bedroom. This wall used to have a hall closet and one master door to it. The old closet area is now added to the master for extra room.

Here is our master bath and closet addition so far. The contractors are currently waiting for the inspectors to give it the go before they can drywall everything in. The doorway to the left of the photo will be the closet. The one to the right of it goes to the bathroom. Both of these will be sliding barn doors. I. CANT. WAIT.

The future shower to the right. To the left will be the tub. Over the tub will be a nice big window to let in a lot of natural light.

And here is the vanity and toliet. You can kind of get a better peek of the master from this angle.

And just for comparison purposes, here is Keating's room in the early progress.

Here it is mostly finished minus carpet. The color is not nearly this dark or brown as seen in the photo. I used Sherwin Williams Relaxed Khaki. It really is amazing what paint will do for a space! You can also see the nice new trim, smooth ceilings, and new floor boards. His room will also have a wall of chalkboard paint{not yet painted}, but for some reason that photo wont upload.

So there ya have it. That's where we're currently at. I am hoping the final leg moves a lot faster because I am so ready to have my own house again. I'm ready to decorate, and cook dinner, garden, and have friends over. I also have so many projects in mind that my head is swimming with them! Since the chances of me blogging again before the weekend are slim, I wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!


  1. It is coming together slowly, but surely. Keep on trucking my friend! Enjoy your holiday weekend.

  2. So our taste and timing must be the same :-) we are having a chalkboard wall in jays room too and a sliding barn door to our master :-)

  3. I adore the idea of the sliding barn doors!! I cant wait to see how it turns out!!! :)

  4. you are getting SO much done!! i cannot wait to see it all together...and still jealous of your master bath =)

  5. Looks like fun! Getting to redo everything! But I'm sure a lot of work!


  6. Oh wow!!! Looks fantastic already. I'm really excited to see the finished results.




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