Wedding Planning

No, I am not getting married again! I am planning my sisters wedding! When I got married, I didnt have a wedding blog, So get ready for me to overload you with wedding info!! I figure it will be a good break from the constant baby talk!

When I planned my wedding, we designed everything from the ground up. We hosted it in my in- laws gorgeous English garden. We had to bring in everything from a large white tent to air conditioned bathrooms. It turned out perfect, but it was a TON of work!
For my sister's wedding she was lucky to find a "new" wedding venue that no one we know had used yet!

It is called Kellum Valley Farms. The original ruins (Shown below) were part of a school built by the Carnegie's in the 1920's. What the infamous Carnegies were doing in the hills of North Georgia... I have no idea! But for some reason they chose this spot for their school. The school later burned down and became forgotten and overgrown. When the owners of the property went to buy the land they found this hidden treasure! They did tons of research but there are no original photos, just bits and pieces of stories from elderly people in the community.

We are thinking that the actual wedding ceremony will be in front of an old barn on the property. (I dont have a photo of that) The reception will be hosted in the historic ruins. Kellum Valley Farms has tons of old southern charm and lots of character!

This is a photo of Hannah's inspiration board. I tried scanning them all in to make a collage, but my scanner is lame.

We are going with an Old Southern Charm vibe. Lots of twinkling lights, magnolias, peaches, coke in glass bottles.

A mixture of Steel Magnolias

And Father of the Bride

I cant wait to share more with you!!!


  1. How exciting!!! Perhaps she'd like a brooch bouquet with pieces from your family members... ? :o)

  2. Ahh... I love wedding planning. It looks like she will have a beautiful wedding! I can't wait to see more pictures! I want to get married all over again now!

  3. So much fun! I swear, I wish we I could get married again (to the same guy, of course) just so I could plan it again. Sounds like you have great ideas, I can't wait to see and hear more about it! I especially love the Coke and twinkly lights!

  4. im in love! what a great combo!!!! my two favorite movies!!!!

  5. 人不能像動物一樣活著,而應該追求知識和美德............................................................

  6. i love it!!! maybe i need you to plan my wedding when i get engaged!


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