Lets Just Skip August

And move right on to September!
I am so ready for fall it is unbelievable!

September begins...

Georgia Football! I cant wait to take Keating to his first tailgate outside of my belly!! He even has preppy little Georgia tailgating clothes to wear!
Sweater weather! I can't wait to bust out my black sweaters, my staple for cold weather!
I want to get this for my little man! He looks great in navy!

And dress him up for his first halloween as a precious lion. I know I will only be able to dress him up as something cuddly this year. I'm sure by next year he will want something with a gun or sword... if his dad has anything to do with it, I can be sure of it.

I'm thinking about trying the Jegging. Thoughts?
( I have a fun story for the jegging for another post)

I think they would look great with my cowboy boots

In September, the leaves will begin to change. My most favorite time of year!
My best friend will be coming home from her year long missionary trip in Romania!

And two of my friends are having babies!!!

Most importantly of all... It wont be 100 FREAKING DEGREES outside!!!!!


  1. I'm with ya...this GA heat is killing me!!

  2. omg woman, STOP KILLING ME WITH THE FOOTBALL!!! you know i loooooove fall in georgia, and you're making it worse ;) plus, my closet full of mossimo ultra-softs are taunting me =)

  3. I'm SO EXCITED for football season!! Georgia is coming to Mississippi State (where I go to grad school) this year!! But...GO GATORS! Haha :)

  4. I agree 100%!! I love fall, it is my absolute favorite time of the year! I hate hot weather, and love the leaves changing, cooler weather, hot chocolate/apple cider, sweaters & most of all my baby girl will be here in October! :) Maybe we can pull some strings with mother nature..no?

  5. yes, I'm tired of the hot!! you probably have at least 2 good years of dressing Keating in a cuddly costume, he just may have more of a say the 2nd time around!! :) I think I'm going to try leggings this year (a big step), I'm not sure I'm bold enough for the Jegging yet. . .

  6. The heat is killing me here in OK! It was 109 the other day and entirely too hot to move or do anything! I love football season too, it makes me so happy!! I have thought about jeggings.. but I'm not sure they're for me. I don't look pregnant yet, but I feel chubby and they will not help my self image I'm sure. I bet they would look cute on you though! Make sure to post a pic if you get them!

  7. Fall is the best time of the year! Can't wait for it!

  8. I wear my true religion jeggings with my boots and I LOVE them!!

  9. I just saw baby girl jeggings at Baby Gap yesterday and about died. So cute!


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