2 Months!

Wow, I cant believe that I have already been a mom for 2 months! Thankfully, I am not feeling as overwhelmed as I was in the beginning. We have gotten into a nice rhythm.

Thank you to everyone who gave their sleeping suggestions. As for a little update, Keating had one night where he slept 8.5 hours. It was heavenly! Brad and I woke up and thought something happened to him! It was the longest I had slept since getting pregnant last summer, but it didnt last long... That night was an accident and he has made sure not to slip up again! On most nights, he has stretches of about 6-7 hours, which is great. Then he eats and sleeps until 6 or 7. He's just a hungry boy!
Baby Wise helped us to get on a great schedule and that schedule has made all the difference in the world. He isnt as fussy during the day, his afternoon meltdown is only a little bit of fussing now (sometimes he sleeps right through it) and he isnt wanting to snack at his "Momma's All Night Diner" anymore. He eats and goes straight back to sleep. Good boy!

Here's my little cutie, getting a little bit of chub on him
Blue being a pouter

2 months with Lola!

Weight: 10lbs 6 oz Length 22.5 inches.
He is 25% for his age. Still a lil' guy but growing so fast!
He has finally gotten rid of his "Dr. Phil" hair. The front is growing in white blonde.
His clothes are anywhere from newborn size in Gap to 6 months in Polo... baby clothes are so weird!

A month makes a HUGE difference!


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  2. He is so sweet & don't worry the growing phase will hit soon enough!!

  3. What a cutie! I think you might have a heart breaker on your hands! Hope you have a great week!

  4. Wow, he's so cute! Thank goodness Baby Wise worked!

  5. Wow! 2 months already! He is so beautiful!

  6. Happy 2 months!!! He is adorable!!

  7. so glad to hear keating is sleeping better. it makes SUCH a difference! up until macie started sleeping a good chunk straight at night, i felt like i was in a fog all day. 7 hours is awesome!
    how did you guys work babywise? were you really strict with it? i was thinking of trying it to get macie on more of a daytime schedule.

  8. I cannot believe he is already 2 months! I feel like it was last week when I was taking my first jello shot while you watched jealously with Keating still inside your belly ;)

  9. AHHHHH what a CUTE idea taking his pic with the dog to measure his growth. Jealoussssssssss


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