Renovation Progress: OPINIONS PLEASE!

I have a few renovation before and afters.

If you remember, we added a board and batten trim in our bedrooms back in December. If you dont recall, then you can check it out here and here!

Between work schedules and getting ready for Keating, we have finally ALMOST finished all of the painting. We still have to trim out the ceiling in our master bedroom (as you will see).

Disclaimer: The rooms arent decorated how I want them... Im just happy they are no longer full of paint buckets, ladders, and blue tape!

Guest Room: Before (This is when we first moved Brad's furniture in the house. SICK Im embarrassed this photo even exists!)

A little bit of prettying it up...
Guest Bedroom: After

The color in the photos is a little off. The green is actually a bit darker in person. It is Valspar Smoky Olive from Lowes. A great color, and Im not a fan of most shades of green!
I still need to get the curtains hung. We lost the brackets during painting and just found them.

Master Bedroom: Before

I was over the "Brown and blue" color scheme!

Master Bedroom: After... sort of

I cant remember the color names off of the top of my head. I will have to check.

The ceiling is this photo is still painted tan from before. Brad was really DREADING painting the ceiling and I didnt want to go into early labor doing it myself, so we just painted it last night and need to finish trimming it out.

I also need to get the curtains hung tonight.


I need your opinions...
We have had a few house showings since finishing up our renovation projects and have not received great reviews on the trim. People like it in the master bedroom, but not in the guest room and nursery. They say it makes those rooms look smaller. UMM the rooms are 10x10, THEY ARE FREAKING TINY!

What do all of you in blog land think? Think the buyers are right? Think the buyers are smoking crack (thats my opinion!) Please fill me in!


  1. I think it really adds character. We had 10 x 10 bedrooms in our old house and we staged them to make them look bigger - my son's room had a full size bed and some furniture. We removed a lot of the furniture and left the bed (pushed up against a wall). Our house sold very quickly, w/no mention of the tiny bedrooms. I don't know if you could stage it to help it look bigger? Personally, I love the character of the rooms!

  2. I could see where it might make it look small, but I think it looks incredible! If I was looking to buy, I would be interested in it because of the uniqueness!! Great job!!

  3. I think it looks great personally. I LOVE it in the nursery for sure, and the master bedroom too. I guess you didn't have to do it in the guest bedroom, but I would think it would make it a better selling point too. It's very different and really adds to the rooms. I am sure someone will come across and love it. That's what I hate about trying to sell your home, everyone is different!! Good luck!

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  5. I think it's adorable! I really like it because I'm not a big fan of one color all over the walls - I like to break it up.

  6. I think the trim looks really good in all the rooms. The only problem I see is the bed in the guest room looks way too big for that room. I know you're dealing with what you own and probably don't have anywhere else to put it but I think a smaller bed would help.

  7. I have no idea, but I hope that someone decides that it's perfect and buys it soon! :)

  8. Maybe by centering the bed on a wall in the guest bedroom where there is room to walk on both sides & adding a mirror somewhere it would give the illusion of being a little larger than it actually is.

    I love the trim though. You guys did a great job!

  9. Pippy, great idea with the mirror! Thanks!!

  10. I think the trim is gorgeous! :-) but i love your taste!

  11. I think the trim looks great, higher than what I thought it would be but I love the style. I also don't see how it makes the rooms smaller.

    I think buyers liking it in the master but not the other rooms is simply because people want their master to be more grand and set apart from the rest of the house.

    The look adds charm and character. Renovating is a great selling point, but remember if you renovate just off what you think buyers will like, you might not enjoy the time left in your home as much as you would if it was renovated according to your taste. It's all about compromise.

  12. I can see what they are saying but I think that al lof the rooms look great; maybe rearranging the furniture will help.

    Good Luck & I am sure that someone will snatch up all the cuteness soon :)

  13. I like the look of the trim! Its a cute addition, however I guess I can kinda see how a buyer would say it makes the room smaller, it draws your attention to the walls of the room then you realize hey its a small room. but either way, trim or not, the room is the same size, so why not add cute trim to jazz up the look?! Well good luck and I hope the right buyers find your house or you find them lol someone is really going to love/appreciate the work you did putting that trim up. :)

  14. I think it looks great! I've seen the trim in almost every Pottery Barn magazine, ever. It really makes your master bedroom look lighter and more "open"

  15. I like it maybe its just over done since its in every room. I love the baby room. I like the master, but I think the headboard in the guest room is what throws off this room.
    Really great colors choices!
    Good luck!!!!


  16. I don't love trim, but that's because I'm really into modern looks. Having said that, I do like it in your MB. I wouldn't want it in every single room of our home but one or two is OK, IMO. It wouldn't prevent me from buying a house, I'd just remove them.

  17. Hi! I've been a lurker for a few weeks now. Your blog is awesome!
    I work for a builder and have been closely involved in the design of many model homes. Models always sell easily because people can picture themselves in the homes. They want the lifestyle that's being portrayed. With that said, here's my 2 cents:
    I think the trim is a great feature! The colors are beautiful. I also had a home with 10x10 bedrooms and you're right, they are small. I think the bed is actually what's making it seem smaller at least from what we can see in the pictures. Have you considered staging it as an office if you don't have another space for that in the home elsewhere? If you do already have a office then I would suggest maybe setting up a smaller bed in the room. The trim won't make the room feel small but large scale furniture will.
    One other thing to consider is taking out items that are very personal - like the letters in the master bedroom. They look cute but you want buyers to see themselves in the home not reminders that someone else lives there.
    Remember when selling it's all about creating the fantasy of where someone wants to live. You are on the right track or you wouldn't even be getting showings. A few little tweaks and you'll be moving in no time.
    Good luck with the house and baby! (and sorry to be so looong winded)

  18. Before I read your poll question at the end I was already planning to tell you how much I loved the trim in the rooms and how jealous I was. I've always wanted something like that in my home. Absolutely beautiful!


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