Christmas Eve-Eve Hodge Podge Post

Im really wondering why Im working today... seriously, who does that!? =) It gives me a chance to brag on my AWESOME husband though!

Last night I got home from work expecting an empty house (he was supposed to be working)

Instead I found this...
What is it you ask??

If you dont know what you are looking at... it is the beginning of a very beautiful thing. A thing I have been wanting to add to our house, to make it more of a "home" and less of a cracker jack box.


I originally got the idea while watching the movie You, Me and Dupree. See the pretty siding in their bedroom?

I started researching and found it with a picture ledge, which I absolutely loved. I thought about it constantly. I knew I definitely needed wanted it in Keating's room, but I didnt think we would have time to add it before he was born.

Well, low and behold, my husband is amazing!

Here is a tiny sneak peak of my "craft room" which in a month's time will be the nursery.

I cant give away too many secrets! I have to save something for my big reveal!

See the wonderful grey color on the walls? I LOOOOVE it. All of the new trim will be painted a warm ivory, not the builder white that the trim is currently painted. It all still needs to be caulked, primed and painted. Looks like I have a little work cut out for me over the break!

So I have a question to all of you decorators out there. When we paint the boards and batten in our master bedroom, we are going to go ahead and paint everything. We are tired of the whole brown thing in our room.

So what colors to paint it?The bedding is a natural color with black details... The curtains are going to go, because I just got new duvet and they dont match. Excuse the semi made bed, I didnt do it =)

If you remember, about a month ago I painted our bathroom this cream on cream stripe. So the bedroom needs to coordinate with that.
Im thinking something neutral, but I dont want all of the siding to look the same in the bedrooms. Would black boards and batten be too much?? Maybe with a natural color up top?

Decisions, Decisions...

Oh yeah, here is my 30 week picture from last week.

My sister and I getting corny. Keating's auntie is very excited for him to be here if you cant tell!

And just for laughs. While shopping the other day, I spotted a "mustache gumball machine." For real, the thing only sold stick on mustaches... so we had to buy one and made Reece wear it. We are cruel, but we got a great laugh. Reece is obviously not a fan of the facial hair!
Happy Christmas Eve-Eve!!


  1. 1. LOVE the batten!!
    2. i dig the black and neutral for the bedroom....

  2. I can't wait to see a picture of the nursery when you are finished...I'm sure it will look amazing!

  3. What a wonderful surprise from your hubby.......both rooms look amazing & they are not even complete!!

  4. how cool! i love the idea of black and neutral too! Can't wait to see pics of all the finished rooms!

  5. the photo of you and your sister turned out too cute! I cant wait to see everything finished!

  6. For what it's worth, I heart the idea of black boards with a creamy neutral top in the bedroom! And you with your sister.. adorable.

  7. Okay..not sure where to begin.
    Love.love.your husband.
    he needs to give classes...

    I love this idea!!!! I love it!!

    You look so gosh darn cute sweetie :)

    I hope you had a great Holiday :)

  8. I like the blue in the picture you posted from the movie. Our bedroom is a similar color, and I find it to be very soothing. :-)

    Hope you guys had a great Christmas!!

  9. So I'm a bit behind in my commenting but I LOVE the boards & batten!!!!!

    You look so super duper cute!!


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