2 months and counting! Nursery Update!

Wow, I really cant believe 2 months from today (possibly sooner, possibly later) our lives are going to drastically change. I feel like we still have SO much to do before Keating gets here. I've been so busy, I havent even updated a bump pic. For those of you on bump watch... its coming! I promise!

This weekend I did some serious budget shopping for Keating's little nursery. The space is pretty small so I want to maximize on storage and space. Despite what my husband thinks, babies take up much more room than a corner, and require quite a lot of stuff!

I recently painted the bedroom a wonderful grey. I've had a hard time not painting the rest of my house the same color. It's a glorious color called Mombasa Mist by Ralph Lauren. I LOVE Ralph Lauren paint!

If you remember, here is the crib we chose.

I didnt want to go with a typical baby changing table, so we decided to get a dresser that would be able to transition as he gets older. His grandparents lovingly bought him the crib and this dresser. Thanks Shonnie and G-Paw!
I hope they match close enough because we havent even taken the dresser out of the box yet! It looks more cherry in the photo, but it SHOULD be espresso like the bed.

This weekend I bought these drawer organizers from Ikea. I figured they could help organize all of the tiny little things that a baby needs. Im not the most organized person in the world... so I need lots of help in the organization dept.
Keating's Auntie bought this to go in his room. Im thinking that it will be a tight squeeze, so it may go in his closet. It was only $25 in the last chance dept at Ikea! I had to guard it while she went to get a bigger cart... people were eyeing it! A real bargain!
I also got two Ribba frames from Ikea for prints that I made for his room. I will share them once I get them in the frames. Im a little proud of them!
His auntie was feeling quite generous and also bought him a stuffed "Jasper" for his room. Jasper is B's dog that lives at his mom's house. He is much too big for our tiny shoebox. This one is much less smelly too!
Speaking of dogs... here is Lola trying out the new carseat/ stroller combo. She is starting to get a little bit jealous of all of his new toys!
I have a lot more to show in the nursery, but I dont want to spoil anything! Yall will just have to wait and see the finished product!


  1. Oh his nursery is going to be so so cute!! :-)

  2. Can't wait to see the finished product; I know that it will be AMAZING!!

  3. Everything sounds like it is really coming along and going to look GREAT! Love that picture of Lola trying out Keatings new "toys."

  4. Shonnie cant wait to get her hands on Keating! And Lola is adorable trying out the stroller!


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