A blog award!

Thank you to my dear Mrs. Foreste for awarding me the Honest Scrap award. I am supposed to tell you 10 honest things about my life. Here it goes!

1. I LOATHE the colors maroon and hunter green. DETEST!

2. I used to have a tattoo on my back that I had removed (and now you are wondering what my tramp stamp was!)

3. I'm a HUGE procrastinator, I would rather stare at something on my desk instead of doing it and getting it out of the way.

4. My dream job would be to open a little shop and fill it with all of the random things I like to make, paint, sew, knit, photo, and any other whim I come across.

5. I eat lemons with salt

6. I have a stack of books that I keep adding to and havent read because I dont have the attention span or time. I have the tendency to take on too many projects at once, and sadly, there is never enough time for reading. By too many projects, I mean, things like selling your house, sewing crib bedding, painting 3 bedrooms, remodeling... you know those sort of things.

7. The thought of child birth scares the beejesus out of me. I have 6 weeks to get over that fear... umm yeah.

8. I love design blogs. I could read them all day. They usually lead to me initiating some project around the house. My husband thinks they are a bad influence. HAHA

9. I adore old houses. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to completely restore one. Unfortunately that isnt in the budget.

Ahhh!!!! It feels great to be out of the closet!


  1. Don't you worry about childbirth. That is the easy part. :)

    Nice to meet you to!

  2. So weird! I didn't even realize I didn't know you're "real" name! Well, hi Candace, but I think you'll always be Mrs. Southern Bell to me.

  3. I too have a tattoo on my lower back and I want it removed. You should do a blog post about it (or email me)! Im dying to know if it was painful and how you went about getting it removed. Plus what it looks like now.

  4. Nice to meet you as well :) Lemons with salt really??

  5. Very cute post :)

    Lemons with Salt????? uh-huh...

    Your so cute!! Getting excited?!!


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