Weekend Recap!

We had a long weekend with our "Winter Storm Watch 2010" on Thursday night. We didnt get much snow, but we got quite a lot of ice. It wasnt as pretty as snow, but it got me out of work on Friday, all the same! =)

We used the day to get MORE painting done. I seriously think that I have carpal tunnel syndrome. I really dont know how professional painters do it. Next time I plan on paying someone else to do it. There are professional painters for a reason! I hope my husband never reads this... he tried to talk me into hiring someone but Im too cheap and said we could do it ourselves! Oops.

I will show pictures once our bedroom and guest room are back in order. We still arent finished!

Saturday I had my first baby shower! It was so much fun! My friends Missy and Michelle did such a wonderful job. They used a cowboy theme, and everything was precious. The food was delicious, and Keating got a lot of great stuff!! I will write more about the shower when I have pictures to post. It deserves its very own post.

That day we also had a house showing. Y'all, our house was a DISASTER! We had furniture everywhere from our painting projects, nothing was in its place, and nothing was clean! It looked like a bomb hit. For some reason those people came back for a second showing today! Please pray our house sells! Maybe all of our hard work remodeling will pay off!

Although, I would be sad to part with our board and batten trim now. It looks SO GREAT! Cant wait to show it to y'all.


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