HELP!!! Im nesting and I cant stop!!!

I think I need to be committed. It is 12:41 (WAY past my bedtime) and I just finished cleaning out our entire closet.
I had the epiphany that our closet had a lot of wasted space today.... Wasted space that would make the perfect new home for my sewing/ crafting area! Wasted space that I needed to take care of, immediately!
You see, my sewing and craft room is being kicked to the curb for Keating's room. The sacrifices we make for our kids! =) So I had to find it a new home.
Messy closet before

2 hours later... AFTER!

I think I'm going to move or get rid of the bottom shelf and put my sewing table there. Then use the shelves to store my crafty stuff and fabric scraps.

This still may look messy to some, but it is so much more consolidated now. If only I can keep it this way!
I am like the Energizer Bunny on crack... seriously!

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  1. Oh yes I remember those days well! I used to iron receiving blankets!


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