Crappy Weekend

This is a mopey complaining post... If you dont want to hear it, then just skip this post.
Pregnancy does really weird things to your body. I woke up 5 days ago with a little bit of what I thought was a sore throat in my neck glands. I figured "oh great, Im getting sick" Well that pain has progressively spread up to my ear. I went to my primary care Dr. on friday, and he basically told me that I was pregnant and he didnt feel comfortable treating me. In between text messaging and taking a phone call, he also suggested to refer me to a physical therapist.
I nearly walked out, then said "Do I LOOK like I want to go to a physical therapist??"
I called my OB's office and they told me it sounded like a strained muscle and things to do to help treat it. Well its been 3 days, 3 sleepless nights, and a bottle of Tylenol, and I still feel like crap.
I had plans this weekend... I was going to paint the nursery, put up Christmas decorations, clean the house, and get laundry done. Instead, I have laid around, in pain, feeling horrible.
I really hope this goes away soon...
Off to find my icepack.


  1. Pregnancy does the wierdest things to your body! I'm sorry you are feeling bad. I will pray that this blows over soon!

  2. Oh man, I hope you feel better. I am currently trying to get pregnant and I am never sure of what to do or take and what not to do or take just in case I am.

  3. aww honey, that sucks!! thinking good, healthy thoughts for you =)

  4. Oh I'm sorry! I hope you feel better soon!!!

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  6. Oh no! I hope you get some relief and sleep!

  7. That stinks! Hope you are feeling better.

  8. Oh no...hope you are feeling better, and I can't believe that your primary care physician didn't feel comfortable treating you. I would be almost nervous to see him in the future and find someone new!

  9. Did the soup make you feel any better :)


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