24 weeks!

* How far along?: 24 weeks! Wow I'm almost in the double digits!
* Total weight gain: 8 ish pounds maybe? Some of it is boobs though!
* How big is baby?: He's still in the spaghetti squash stage, but my books are saying 8-10".
* Sex: Baby boy!
* Maternity clothes?: yes and no. I recently got a bella band from my awesome friend Michelle, and that thing is amazing. I can wear my old jeans again! Hello Joe's Jeans!!! Im a happy girl!
* Stretch marks?: nope
* Sleep?: pretty good and I appreciated the extra hour on Saturday night!
* Best moment this week? Viability Day! In other words, if Keating was born now, his chance of survival would be possible. BUT I dont want him to come out ANY TIME SOON!
* Movement?: oh yeah!
* Food cravings?: My niece's entire trick or treat basket... dont judge! =)
* Labor signs?: nope
* Belly button in or out?: I will definitely have an outie soon! Im not sure how I feel about this...
* What I miss: bending over and not feeling like my insides are getting squished.
* What I'm looking forward to: Starting on his bedding. Ive done a little bit over the weekend and I think its going to look great!
* Words of Wisdom: Our Sunday School lesson this week was about raising your children in a Godly house. I definitely took it to heart.


  1. Okay, now your lil' -itty- bity- belly is showing..your a very beautiful*glowing*preg. woman:)

  2. You look so good!! And I can't wait to see his bedding! :)


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