Freaky Friday Ghost Story!

Welcome to Freaky Friday!

While driving in to work this morning, I was listening to a local radio station. They had on the Georgia Ghost Hunters to tell stories about paranormal activity that they have witnessed around town. I always think these stories are SO interesting. Im not sure if I believe them, but they are fun to listen to. We did our attempt of a ghost tour in my hometown, but the scariest thing we saw was our tour guide... thats another story.

All of the freaky talk reminded me of a story that I have, that happened to someone I know.

My aunt's sister in law (if that makes sense) was on a road trip on her way to Texas. She was driving on a long causeway, when a car in front of her jack knifed the trailer it was hauling. The car did a 180 and ended up facing her, with the trailer hanging over the edge of the bridge.

Miraculously, no one was injured. They stopped to help the driver and make sure that everyone was okay. Here is a photo of the car.

She saw someone in the passenger seat and asked the driver if the woman was okay since she wasnt getting out of the car. The man seemed completely blown away, but answered "I was driving by myself."

When I zoomed in the photo of the car, I saw this in the front seat. You may or may not see the same thing as I do... but I see the silhouette of a body. It even blocks the light from the back passenger window. I see dark eye spots, what looks to be a nose, and even a shoulder.

Do you see it?
Call me crazy, but I see it. Everyone I showed the photo to in real life sees it too.

There's my paranormal halloween story.

Lola wanted to tell everyone Happy Halloween! She will be dressed as Where's Waldo tomorrow. She hates the hat I made her, but is quite fond of her striped sweater!


  1. I'm spooked!!! Happy Halloweeny!

  2. That story gives me chills. Lola looks adorable as Waldo! You made that??!?!?

  3. OH MY GOSH I so see it!!!

    I was in an accident my senior year of college and someone was holding on to my neck after the air bag hit me and told me not to move and then that person dissapeared.. FREAKED me out!

  4. OMG...that's crazy! I see it too! And I love the Lola's outfit!

  5. Our campus is haunted because it had to be closed because a civil war battle literally happened on campus they find bodies to this day. I did not believe until I witnessed a door that had been locked(I tried to walk through it) open itself, pause about the time someone would walk through and then slam shut..oh and it was still locked.

  6. That pic is freaking me out and I can't look at it any more, LOL! Cute little Waldo :)

  7. ooooohhhhh spooky!
    I love spooky stories:)

    The lil' Boston looks like it's really smiling!! How cute is that!! :)

  8. Ooh that is SO scary...I couldn't stop looking at that picture!

  9. I'm not a talented painter at all...actually! The stripes were all Mr. Harvey's doing, and he actually spent probably about two-three weeks total working on them. It was a nightmare!! And I'm sure he'll never let us paint stripes again! :) Post photos of your bathroom!


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