Its almost game time!

So Im pretty excited about this Saturday! "What is this Saturday you ask??" Its only the best thing that happens to UGA football only every eight years... UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA playing LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY AT HOME! This is a big game for me because my entire family is LSU fans, except us Georgia folks that have converted our ways to cheer for the Dawgs!
We have family coming up from Louisiana to join us for delectable tailgating and then going to the game. I believe we will be skipping the game and instead we will head to downtown Athens and catch it somewhere. As much as I would love to go in, good tickets are hard to come by and very expensive. We're saving our moolah for our Boston trip. The tailgating is the fun part anyways... so Im okay with this!

I think I will make a couple of dips, and my Georgia G sugar cookies. I have an awesome G cookie cutter thanks to my good friend Deals, Steals, and Heels that I will use. We are also having a shrimp boil. Mmmmm!

My outfit will go something like this...
a cute red wrap dress

With a black argyle cardiganwith tights and my favorite cowboy boots.
I wont be wearing my red boots because they will clash. so maybe my black and red ones, or just my good ole' brown ones! Comfort is key for me. Im not one of those crazy girls that wears heels to tailgate!


  1. G sugar cookies? YUMMM!!! I was thinking about going but I dont believe I am. I will be cheering them on from home though! Hopefully it wont be like last weekend's game. ugh.

  2. Oooh very cute outfit. Have fun. P and I really wanted to go but it just didn't work out for us. Love Athens.

  3. Can't wait to see photos of your cute outfit! We'll be out there tailgating too. Where do you tailgate at? Maybe we will run into one another! :) And we aren't going into the game either. We are either going to watch it downtown or watch it from our tailgate. We are bringing the TV and satellite to our tailgate! :)

  4. Rachel we are near Meyer's quad on Lumpkin. What about you?

  5. I hope your Dawgs wear out those Bayou Bengals, so my Gators can put a beat down on them next weekend. Gotta keep with the SEC East on this one, I think, and root for UGA. Have fun!!!

  6. Okay, I love the boots! I need to find a good pair for the winter wardrobe!!
    I wish I could get into sports. I just get bored and stare off into space...


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