Weekend Recap!

Let me first start out by saying, that tailgating is not meant for pregnant women. A day of tailgating will flat wear. you. out.

We headed up to Athens early Saturday morning for tailgating fun. The tailgating was lots of fun, with tons of great food! The game, was quite the disappointment and our team is not looking so hot.

Modeling my "Future Georgia Bulldog shirt"

My sister, mom, and me

my sister "talking" to Keating

Old friend Kelli and me!

Dad did a little shopping and bought Keating his first UGA shirt!

Me and my handsome hubby

On the bridge before kickoff

For some reason, everyone likes doing this!

Me and Laney

Doing a little resting.

We decided to skip going to the game and watched it from the many tv's surrounding our tailgate. The game was REALLY boring, and I took a little siesta during it! =) I'm glad we didnt pay to go to the game, because UGA's offense didnt even show up. I hope things shape up before we play UT next week!

How was everyone else's weekend? Hopefully your team did better than ours!!


  1. you are PRECIOUS. i also siesta-ed during the game =)

  2. Love the Future UGA Bulldog shirt! So cute!

  3. You made the shirt!!!!!! I LOVE it!
    You look so pretty, I love the new haircut, it looks great.

  4. Where do you guys tailgate at? Wish we would've run into one another! I love the shirt! Did you make it?

  5. I should've read your response to my comment on your last post about tailgating! :) We tailgate on South Campus right in front of the Forestry School down from the Vet school. My husband went to the Forestry school, so it only makes sense! Ha-Ha!

  6. That shirt is too cute! Your hair looks great!

  7. such a cute lil Tee! i took a nap during the 2nd and 3rd quarters. haha. it finally got exciting during the 4th. celebration penalty is BS! looks like you had fun!

  8. Have not yet..been tailgating.
    Will one of these times..
    Do you have to be into sports?
    I just like the people and hanging out.
    Very nice pictures**
    Your so cute and your bulge:)

  9. Love that t-shirt! It is so cute! Looks like y'all had a great time-great pictures! Love the new blog look too...very cute!


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