Things Ive been up to.

So I love giving shout-outs to fellow bloggers and here is one today! My friend at VintageVictuals is an AMAZING cook. I wish I lived closer to her! Because if I did, I would be the annoying neighbor that always happened to stop by at dinner time! She has begun baking bread for her local farmers market and asked me to design her a sticker logo to go with her Vintage theme. Of couse I excitedly agreed! Here it is! I would buy bread with a cute label like that! I also have been busy with a canvas for a friends new baby's room. She wanted something to match the sport themed bedding. I think it turned out super cute!
Well, Im off! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!


  1. I love my new sticker logo!!! You are amazingly talented and wonderful!!

  2. i would also like to move closer to her!! and you too =)

  3. I love the sports canvas!

  4. You are too cute and totally talented! :-) I love your creations! oh and have fun with everyone in Charleston! too bad we just missed each other!

  5. Oh my land! Your amazing!
    Give yourself a big huuug!!
    Your talented!:)


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