In Recovery Mode

This weekend was insanely fun and my body needs time to recover! I'm just not used to having that much fun! Let me give a quick recap

Thursday we left work early to beat traffic. We got there right around dinner time, but decided to skip dinner and head out for a night on the town. We went to a few random places that I cannot remember the names of and called it a night.
Friday morning we woke up early to head to Folly Beach. We carried the heavy cooler about 30 miles it seemed like, but it was worth it to have our own semi private beach. That night we got all dolled up to browse a few art galleries and then head to dinner. At the galleries I discovered my new favorite beverage.... water with cucumbers in it. SO GOOD! We went to dinner at a place called Hanks. The food was DELISH and I had seared Ahi tuna... my very favorite! After that we hit up a place called Rooftop, which is on the roof of a hotel, and ended up at a bar called Aromas. There was a live band there, so we decided to stay and dance. I only have daytime pics because I forgot my camera.
Saturday morning we woke up and decided we wanted a big breakfast. We were referred to the Mill house and headed on our way. This place is like a 4* hotel so we thought it would be wonderful. It went something like this

9:50Am arrive
10:00 We are approached by a waiter for drinks - ask for menus
10:20 We receive drinks and ask for menus again (after 30 min of sitting we had no menus)
10:35 Dude comes to take our order and bring us our creamer and sugar for the coffee thats now cold
10:50 waiter returns with silverware so that we dont have to stir our cold coffee with our fingers
10:57 I am wondering why we are still there. My friends want to stay since we ordered "it cant be that much longer
11:00 waiting
11:10 waiting
11:15 I seek a manager from the bar tender and another employee - I was ignored by both
11:20 My friend goes to the front desk to talk to hotel manager
11:30 A woman came by our table and slurred something about picking up our check... so we decide to keep waiting
11:35 Our food finally comes out- part of it - food was supposed to have biscuits- no biscuits - friend ordered grits - no grits
11:50-11:55 the biscuits come out after we are done eating....


OH and the best part, there were about 3 other people in the restaurant. We encouraged other diners when they sat down to leave when we told them about our wait. It took the waiter 45 min after they ordered to realize they had left... and then he brought us all of their food. UGH!

After that escapade we went to Sullivans Island to spend the remainder of the day. We had a blast and decided to stay in the area for dinner. We went to a place named Red's with awesome service and great food. This is the only pic I have for that day/ night. I was super camera lazy this trip! I will post more when my friends share some! Sunday I got home, and B and I headed to my parents house for a yummy pot of seafood gumbo. Im a cajun girl, that usually isnt big on cajun food, and my mom knocked that one out of the park! (Good job mom!)

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend..
    Besides the crappy service..ugh! I've been there and wanted to really cause a scene! But I've been to hungery too! Lol!
    Looks like you had a good time otherwise! :)


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