Challllllston Yall!

Im so excited I can hardly concentrate! Tomorrow I am taking a half day and heading to Charleston for our ANNUAL girls weekend. The trip is with my oldest and best friends from high school and I could not be more pumped!!! We have been planning the trip since December and this coming weekend is the first weekend that worked with everyone's schedules. Life just gets so busy and when planning for 8, its nearly impossible. Somehow though, we managed! Im glad the weather will be nice and warm so that we can hit the beach!

Here are a few photos from previous trips!

At our Charleston friend's wedding

At Mrs H's bachelorette party, we convinced her that riding the turtle would be a great idea!
Funny story behind this one! Our friend Ms. P (below) met a boy who was friends with our Charleston friend Mrs. S. This boy was HOT, he was also a surfer.... A surfer that wanted to teach Ms. P how to surf.... with a private lesson! Of course we all encouraged the surf lesson and embarassed her by our persuading (ie: forcing) of her to partake in surf lessons! (We knew she wanted to, she just needed a little push!) Well, surf lessons lasted a really long time, and us, not being that great of planners, didnt bring any food to the beach. We were famished so we decided to leave our friend Ms. P at surf school and she could meet up with us afterwards.

Well being at the beach, and not considering to bring food, we also didnt have paper and pen on hand. SO we decided to leave her a note in the sand saying "we are eating at Poes!" We were thoughtful and left her shoes by it, to be sure that she didnt miss the message. =) How creative were we? Not only did she get a surf lesson with a hottie, she also got to catch a ride from him to meet us for lunch! I think we are pretty great friends!!

Ms. P and me

Mrs. S (Charleston friend), myself, Mrs. B


  1. so fun :-) we're in Charleston right now - too bad we will miss each other! :-)

  2. Ahhh...you girls are simply dE-Vine*!!
    Very cute pix!
    **cute story with the sand writing...veeeeerrry clever! :)


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