Monday... already!?

Well Its Monday morning and I am back at work. How do the weekends go by SO fast?? How was your weekend? Mine was great, thanks for asking! Friday night I went to help my friend Missy in pink with some last minute wedding projects. I love wedding projects! I offered to help in any way that I can, because I know from experience how crazy things get the week before the big day! I cant believe she is getting married on SATURDAY! YAY MISSY!I mentioned on Friday that I planned on doing a little photography over the weekend... and boy did I! I did a little photo shoot with my niece on Saturday morning so that she could update her modeling portfolio. She started out being camera shy, but ended being her usual sassy self.
Not feeling it at first

Picking flowers
Is she not the most beautiful child you have EVER seen??
Pointing to her grandpa in heaven =,(
Sassy pants

I could eat her up!
Talking with John Wayne
Fake crying
Adorable with pig tails

That afternoon, my wedding photographer called me and asked if I could assist him in shooting a Bar Mitzvah. I had never been to one, so that was neat. It was funny to see how awkward 13 year old kids are. Boys on one side, girls on the other! I remember those days! He has awesome lenses to play with... now I'm coveting a new lense. Maybe for my birthday?

For mothers day we went out to our favorite restaurant Texas Roadhouse, and then had dessert at our house afterwards. I made my favorite Lemon Icebox pie, and B's favorite peanut butter pie. YUM!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!


  1. What great pictures -- she is a natural!

  2. She is so beautiful! Wonderful pictures!

  3. oh my word! she is gorgeous!!!!!!

  4. Those pictures are beautiful! What a little cutie!

  5. you rock! :-) those pictures are amazing and i LOVE her - she is so so pretty!


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