Blogging is a bad influence!

After reading my good friend Deals, Heels and Steals blog post about her UGA hoodie she got from Victoria's Secret... of course I had to check it out! I decided against the hoodie for now, (since it is may) but I couldn't leave empty handed!I got this shirt for 5 dollars! I decided to get my sister one as well... I mean 5 BUCKS!? How could I not get it!?
I have also been having a hard time finding a new bathing suit this summer. I am usually a Target bathing suit girl, but target has disappointed me in the bathing suit department this summer. I found this suit on VS.com as well. It cost about the same as a target suit. Hopefully it looks as great on me as it does on Miranda Kerr! SIKE!

A few of my favorite Target things, are as follows!
How cute is this clutch for $20? My friend Missy in Pink got one, and I was a total copycat!

Even the interior is adorable!
I also got this cute seersucker skirt! (did I mention how much I LOVE seersucker!?) For only $20! Its much cuter in person... for some reason the model's legs look blue!

Well thats all Ive got for now! Adieu!


  1. woman, you are never gonna get the link right....it's steals, then heels =)

  2. What the heck Hayley!? I even CHECKED!

  3. great items! I love VS swim suits! I buy the ones that go by your bra size (miracle bra suits? i think?) This year I bravely ordered a bikini with a boy short bottom!! I plan on ONLY wearing it to sun bathe in my yard!! haha women almost pushing 50 years have to know their limits!!


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