Thank Goodness its Thursday!

This week is slowly dragging by and the rainy weather does not help things. Lucky for me I had a little left over king cake with my morning coffee to warm me up a bit. =) I want to thank a "blog friend" for mentioning me on her blog. I found The Sweet Tea Diaries by perusing a few blogs. This girl is a Georgia native like me, and she is hosting an AWESOME giveaway. Her give-away has a cupcake theme, and I puffy heart cupcakes and free stuff! Check her out! Maybe I will have to do a give-away of my own, since she has inspired me.

Onto other things... last night while suffering through my weight lifting class at the gym, I was trying to distract myself from the pain and I got a couple of crafty ideas. I might be pretty busy conjuring up stuff this weekend, but hopefully I will have good pictures to show for it! Stay tuned!

Thanks Y'all!


  1. WOW, i can post a comment now! I guess they got the problem fixed.

  2. oh my gosh - i thought i was already following you, but i wasn't!!!! now i am - yay! you should have a giveaway - i would love to win one of your custom creations :) have a *great* weekend!!!

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  4. Christy incase you come back to my blog, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your post but I deleted it due to the city in it that you mentioned. Sounds like we have a lot in common! Thanks for posting!


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