Is it Monday already??

It was pretty while it lasted!!

I'm a little bitter that I am at work today. The snow down here lasted for a couple of hours, and as quickly as it came, it was gone. The fierce wind came to make sure that all of the roads were dry and didn't freeze over... and this morning I am at work. My sister goes to UGA and they got at least 5" and have no school today. She's lucky!!

For my weekend recap, Friday I had to leave work early to clean my dirty house. My realtor called and said someone wanted to look at it in an hour! I can honestly say that the house had not been spotless for awhile. So I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off to get it ready. The showing went well and the woman was really interested. We're praying this is the one!

After, we drove up near my Chief's town for dinner with the mayor and a couple of the other employees. To those that may have just started following, or anyone who didn't know. My husband is the police chief for a really small town. I tease him and call him Andy Griffith and his little town "Mayberry." The food at this small Restaurant/ Inn was unbelievably good, but the pie was better! I had a coffee icecream pie that was topped with that wonderful gooey hot fudge sauce. It was so good, that I finished a whole plate sized piece... I wasnt ashamed, it was too good to be wasted! I am going to try to recreate it very soon.

Saturday I ventured out in the rain, and apparently everyone else in the state had the same idea! It was like insane Christmas shopping traffic everywhere. Johann's was having a sale on sewing patterns and I picked up a few. Patterns still scare me a little bit so I made sure to get all of the "easy" patterns!

Sunday, I sat with Lola curled up in our favorite chair enjoying a warm fire. We watched endless episodes of One Tree Hill and the peaceful snowfall from our cozy spot. A few hours later the snow faded to slush, and we went to my parents to watch the race and eat pasta jumbalaya. It was a pretty relaxing weekend!

In the South it is normal to get a March snowfall, but it is typically followed by warm weather that stays through the spring. I hope to see 70* temperatures very soon! I'm really ready for summer days out on the lake. I have my eye on this little beauty from JCrew to protect me from the hot summer sun. I cant WAIT for summer, Im over this whole "winter" thing!


  1. I know Adam was totally praying for a snow day too . . . and I was too because if he was home that means i'd have help with jayci! :-) anyways, glad your weekend was good - hope the house sells!!!


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