Random Thoughts... or Random Rants

I have a lot of random thoughts today that would not make a cohesive blog... so I have decided to just list them.

#1 I'm very happy that my new Cole Haan bag came quickly and it is GORGEOUS
#2 I am annoyed with blogger/ internet explorer not letting me make comments on blogs, therefore forcing me to use Fire Fox
#3 What was Jason thinking with letting Jillian go?? She is adorable, she has a great personality, and he got all hot and heavy with her in the hot tub. "Friends" don't act like that. Plus she has awesome clothes! Hopefully she is the next bachelorette.
#4 Speaking of the bachelor and clothes... What the heck is up with Jason's ugly ties (Thanks for pointing that out Missy, now I cant stop staring!) and WHAT THE HECK WAS MELISSA THINKING WITH THAT HORRIBLE TEAL DRESS?? It looked like a square dancing dress. I realize she is from Texas, but I would have to guess that most Texans wouldn't be caught dead in that frock! Plus all of the cheap jewelry... Less is more Melissa, less is more.
#5 I have no idea how my home laptop had 1002 viruses on it... seriously 1002... I guess I wont be watching past episodes of One Tree Hill on crappy Chinese websites anymore!
#6 Greys Anatomy, I'm not sure that I can watch you anymore. You bore me. Izzy is crazy, George has disappeared, Callie stop trying to make out with any girl that stands still.
#7 Bikini girl from American Idol, how did you get new boobs so fast??
#8 I'm ready to pull out my rainbow flip flops
#9 The new butcher shop by my house is amazing. I had stuffed salmon last night that was to die for! I will be a regular from now on.
#10 I am a little sad that St. Patty's day is on a Tuesday, but I will still celebrate!
#11 Speaking of St. Patty's day, I am really digging Green right now and Im normally not a big green person. I just made a new Green pillow for my couch. See Below.
#12 The Yahoo home page has a CDC warning that beer pong has been proven to spread the flu and mono. They're really warning people about this?
#13 Stephenie Meyer please finish writing Midnight Sun (yes I am a twilight nerd)

That is all for today. Questions... Comments... Concerns??


  1. Love the pillow - green is a GREAT color :)

  2. your pillow is too cute.

    and back of the crazy chinese OTH...but rejoice it got picked up for a 7th season!


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