Conversation Hearts

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before, but I am a sucker for seasonal food/ candy. I have no idea why I love these chalky little hearts the way that I do... but I look forward to them every year! Brad and I have eaten a whole bag of them!

Although Valentines day is completely for the benefit of large corporations that make millions from candy, flower, and card sales... I secretly love it. Its nice that there is a day for expressing your love, which doesn't have to be in the form of flowers or chocolate, but could be a nice note or anything else thoughtful. This year we have decided to host a large valentines day bonfire. Not exactly the Valentine's Day norm, but a good excuse for a party!

Brad loves a good fire, he is pretty much a pyro, like most guys. It's in their nature! Having bonfires is one of his favorite things to do. He gets out on the tractor and gets the big burn pile ready, before dousing it in something highly flameable, and watching it light up like the Griswold's Christmas tree!

One reason I love Brad is that he takes joy in the small things. Put that boy on the tailgate of his truck, next to a roaring fire, or on a John Deere tractor, and he is in true heaven! He teaches me things that I wouldn't do on my own, and helps me to appreciate things that I normally wouldn't like. Because of him I can now drive a tractor!
He doesn't make a little camp fire... as my dad would say he likes a "Rip roaring Roy Rogers fire" whatever that means!? This is one of our past bonfires. He is the one holding the big log.


  1. Ew, I'm sorry, but I can't stand those things! Ha!

    That fire is HUGE!

  2. I love bonfires in the field. Can't wait

  3. Adam is such a pyro too. It must be a boy thing.

  4. I don't know where your love of this "crap" candy came from. I hate these things! Give me Russell Stovers chocolate covered marshmallow any day. These hearts rank right up there with cheap jelly beans, YUCK!

  5. There's an 8 pack on the convo hearts at Publix. I've already eaten through half....


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