That is the sound of my head hitting my desk! I am SO tired for some reason! Maybe its because I had a long weekend. Maybe because Im obsessed with all of my Monday night TV shows, maybe its because I actually worked out yesterday... either way, 2 cups of coffee didnt help one bit. I'm straining to keep my eyes open. I dont even think taking a work break to watch an episode of One Tree Hill online would stir me!

Tonight I am heading back for body core(hell) at the gym. The class involves a workout ball which is such a misconception. When you think of a big bouncy ball, you think of fun things like four square, dodge ball, kick ball... Not a really hard, full body, pain inducing activity where balance and coordination are key, but participating takes away your ability to use the majority of your muscles. Plus, you feel like an idiot for not being able to do exercises like below. I'm pretty sure that this pose is probably impossible as well. But if the class is getting my butt into shape, then so be it! I look forward to spending the rest of my week in pain. Please bare with me when I whine about it later!

Last night when I left work, I was talking myself out of the gym. When I got there I had a crazy urge to run. Anyone who knows me knows I AM NOT A RUNNER! But for some reason, yesterday, it just clicked. I felt like Forrest Gump "I was a runnin..." I ran 2 miles without stopping, and I have to say that Im pretty proud of myself! I even gave myself a pat on the back in the car (seriously I did!) (yes Im a loser). I'll have to see if I can ever do that again!


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  2. WOW, you ran! I am impressed, I wish I was a runner. Don't feel bad if you don't keep it up because it is bad for your knees. One day when you are old like me you will appreciate your knees not hurting.

  3. I'll tell you what, I cannot balance on that dang ball to save my life. Good luck at Body Core tonight! Sometimes I hate Julianna (isn't that her name??) for being really pregnant and still in better shape than me!


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