Southern by the Grace of God!

What makes me southern? Well, since my name is "Mrs Southern Belle," I thought that I would include a few things "Southern" that I truly love.

G.R.I.T.S. is the abbreviation for "girls raised in the south" but it also is a type of delicious goodness that many people outside of the south don't even know exists. Grits are ground from corn and can be served as a breakfast, lunch, or dinner food. There are southern cook books full of recipes and I've never had a serving of grits that I didnt like! My favorite are parmesan cheese grits! Yum!

Dont let their looks deceive you, they are a true southern delicacy!

When I say that I'm "southern as sweet tea" I think that says a lot. No where else in the country or world for that matter, can you go to a restaurant and ask for sweet tea, except in the south. Why in the world would you ever want iced tea without sugar anyways? Sweet tea is like nectar from the gods!

I have a serious affection for southern plantations. Part of living in the south, is taking a random road and seeing old plantations. Thank you Sherman for not burning all of them... jerk! My idea of a dream house is a big white house with tall columns and a long alley of oaks in front of it. Realistically, I realize that this will most likely never happen, considering the majority of these homes are now museums or national monuments. But a girl can dream cant she?? So here it goes...This is Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana. It is by far, one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen! I spent a memorable day here with my family before my uncle passed away. It will always remind me of him.

What true southerner doesnt like Gone With the Wind? The movie, the book, I don't care I love them both! It has grace, charm, war, scandal, and most of all history. Like it or not, it happened, no use sweeping it under the rug. (This also goes back to my love of big white plantations)

Pralines, which I pronounce Praw-leans are one of my favorites! Usually made from brown sugar, evaporated milk and pecans, which the south is famous for. MMMM GOOD!

That is all for now... maybe I will make a Southern by the Grace of God Part II


  1. Awesome post! I want some pralines ASAP!

  2. sweet tea and jim beam is one of my favorite things =)

  3. Maybe your love of sweet tea comes from this: When I was in the hospital having you your Nannie busted up in the hospital room with a big jar of tea for me! Talk about nectar! It was the best gift I could have asked for.

  4. I LOVE the book G.R.I.T.S ! It was scary, when I was reading it, I'm like this is soo me.

    Sweet tea and pralines = mmmmmm


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