Cookies Make a Great Breakfast!

Seriously, my Kitchenaid mixer is going to make me fat. Its always there, tempting me, taunting me... telling me that I need to bake cookies! I have convinced myself that homemade cookies are much better for me than store bought ones. Atleast I know the ingredients are sugar, flour, butter, vanilla, chocolate chips, and more sugar! Its much better than Thiamine Mononitrate, whatever the heck that stuff is!

I admit, the past few times I have pulled it out in an attempt to make my favorite cookies, has been somewhat of a disaster. I decided that I would try to make them a bit healthier and substitute the 2 sticks of butter for Smart Balance which is "great for baking." I ended up with pancake flat, rock hard, cookies. DO NOT use Smart Balance for baking... they lie! Last night however, I used real, delicious, full fat butter, and they turned out DIVINE!!! So great that I ate 4 for breakfast with my morning coffee. I have no regrets! MMMMM


  1. If you're making cookies, you might as well use the real thing. Butter tastes so much better!

  2. oh girl, you know you got to use full-fat butter. it just makes things taste better.

    I eat dessert for breakfast on a regular basis.

  3. There is nothing wrong with eating cookies for breakfast! Brownies and cake are good with coffee too. Life is too short to pass up dessert anytime!

  4. does Sharon have a blog? She should I am sure it would be filled with fun stories!!


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