The Letter "L"

So my friend Missy tagged me with this in her blog and I have to compile a list of things I love that start with the letter "L"

1). LOVE- I LOVE being in love! I have the best husband that I could ever ask for and he loves me unconditionally.

2). Lake- My family spends our weekends during the summer at our lake house. It is what I love most about summer!

3). Lola - My boston terrier. She is the best!

4). Louisiana - Thats where Im from and where most of my family lives.

5). Lipstick - I have a million tubes that I never use and I always find reasons to buy more!

6). Lasagna - One of my favorite meals to cook!\

7). Lady Antebellum - I love their music

8). Lord - Jesus my redeemer

9). Laughing - Who doesnt like to laugh?

10). Living - The best gift of all!!

Comment me if you want to play and I will pass you a letter!


  1. I hope my "someday grandbaby" is as cute as Lola!

  2. i LOVE lady antebellum!!

    and i'll play =)


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