Baby #3!!

Our family is growing and we are expecting baby #3! To add to the thrill, baby Carroll is a GIRL! In case you can't tell from the pink silly string! We are so excited to add a baby girl into our house of boys and I cant wait to have all things pink and ruffled!

Archer was really happy it is a "sister girl" and can't wait to teach her to ride his bike. Such a sweetie! Keating is still convinced that I have a litter of 5 boys hiding in my belly. Thankfully, he will be sorely disappointed, as there is certainly only one baby in there! 

We are quickly getting used to the idea of our growing family. I had forgotten all of the things that babies need, but was quickly reminded with a trip to Buy Buy Baby! In the past 4 years, baby gear has changed drastically! I feel like things have become so high tech! Monitors can scan the room and talk, car seats are lighter and strollers are even better! This is not going to be good for the budget! We really don't need much, except for a new car seat (ours expired) and a stroller (since I got rid of all of them) and of course, all new clothes! Besides that, we are in pretty good shape. 

I am also really excited to decorate a new nursery! Once I have a game plan together I will share on the blog! There are so many choices for girl things, its just hard to decide! 


  1. I'm so excited for you guys, Candace! Also, a little jealous that you get to decorate a girl nursery!!

    I totally second the fact that baby gear is insanely different in barely any amount of time- our little boys are still little, so how did things change that fast?! Still, I am pumped to try out the MamaRoo and the Rock 'n Play, which are two must-try items in my book!

    1. Oh my gosh, the gear is so cool! It makes me feel like my last two kids were delivered in the stone ages! Will have to check out this Rock 'n play you mentioned!

  2. Congratulations! How exciting for your family!


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