Life since February!

Hi friends, I realize it has been QUITE a while since I last checked in. I wanted to fill y'all in on what has been going on around our house!

we got chickens!

we played t-ball

both boys learned to ride 2 wheel bikes

we got more chickens (they met a sad fate with our dog Ike)

I needed a new table and refinished this one I found in our basement

we had long chats on the porch

we played in the sprinkler

we spent many Saturdays on the lake

we went to the beach

we protected the house from evil forces

we had a few bad days
we made friends with a bunny that lives in the woods behind our house

I turned 31

we grew a big garden

we napped

Brad and I took a trip to Maine

I survived rocky cliffs and dangerous hikes to get this photo

we sailed

we saw lighthouses and whale watched

we grew pumpkins that will probably be rotten before Halloween because we planted them too early

we also grew wildflowers

we got more chicks after the last masacre

 we got tons of tomatoes 

we started kindergarten!

our chickens started laying eggs

we started preschool

A brief summary, but I am still here. I hope to blog more regularly! We have had a lot of projects going on at the house that I will share soon!

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