Hello and Happy New Year

I have dusted off the old blog and transitioned it over to my website. If anyone is still reading, or would like to follow along I would love to have you! https://candacecarrollart.com/blog/ 

Hope to see you around!





Completed Nursery

I had every intention of getting started blogging again, and then life happened. Since my last post... I went through an entire pregnancy and had a healthy baby girl. Time flies! Sadie was born on April 4th and we are just smitten with her. She is the final puzzle piece that we never realized our family was missing. She's pretty awesome.

I am not even sure if anyone even reads this little blog anymore, I could be completely blogging to radio silence... but I wanted to update on Sadie's precious nursery. Her room turned out so much better than I even imagined. I'm honestly a bit sad that my own room isn't this pretty. I initially tried to work with the dark gray walls that were here, but the room was just begging to be painted pink. I decided on Sherwin Williams White Dogwood, an ultra light pink with peach undertones. It was the perfect shade of pink and not too sweet.

The chandelier is from Home Depot and also got a coat of gold paint.

The dresser was a goodwill find that I painted with homemade chalk paint and then waxed for a more durable finish. 
Her bed was my sister's and mine when we were babies way back in the 80's, so it was one of those dangerous vintage Jenny Lind cribs. We secured the sides so that they no longer moved and I decided it needed to be painted gold! The gold makes all the difference!

I painted the art above her bed, and the tiny flamingo paintings you see glimpses of in other photos. Her bumpers are Pottery Barn and the skirt I made out of a white sheet. The rug is from Rugs USA and I don't recommend it. It is already so dirty with only 1 month of use and has proven impossible to clean. Who was I to think we could have something white and fluffy in our house?? I am in the process of looking for a more life friendly replacement.
Over all, I'd say it turned out quite nicely! Sadie has been enjoying her fancy room!


Nursery Inspiration Board

I know it is pretty hard to believe but this is my 2nd blog post this week! I am really trying to get back into the routine of blogging. Over the past few weeks I have needed to find photos or recipes from the past and the old blog never fails to keep track of our lives. It is also really nice to be able to look back and read the stories and see the account of our lives for the past 6 years. So, the blog is back in action!

I wanted to share the ideas I have had jumbled in my head for our daughter's (I still can't get over saying that!) nursery so I created a mood board. When I was 3 and first moved with my family to Georgia, my aunt came to visit and decorate my room. She told me that I could pick any colors that I wanted and though that seemed like an endless possibility to a 3 year old, I immediately knew what I wanted. I vividly remember looking in my Crayola box at color choices. I suppose that yellow box stood in place of my paint deck back in the day. I pulled out 2 crayons that were missing the points because they were used so often, pink and mint green. I made my request to my aunt, who was probably thrilled since I didn't pick anything too difficult to work with, and she immediately went to work. 

She filled the room with vintage pieces she found at antique stores. An old rusty iron bed that she painted light pink, a milk glass lamp, pink and green chenille linens, and my nannie (grandmother) crocheted the most beautiful pink and mint coverlet. It was the most beautiful room I had ever seen and I am pretty sure also influenced my love of antiques and re-purposing items. So why am I sharing this story? I always said that if I ever had a daughter,  her room would also be pink and mint, so without further adieu.  


I will be trying to work with a few items we already have and painting/ re-purposing some others. The biggest challenge with the room is that the walls are already painted Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray. It is a nice color, but not the most feminine of colors...So hopefully I can work with the dark color and balance it out with the lighter and brighter colors and prints. If not, the walls may get a new coat of paint, just don't tell my husband. That will be a little surprise. ;) 

I feel like now that I have a visual I can get started on the whole process, so stay tuned for future updates!  


Baby #3!!

Our family is growing and we are expecting baby #3! To add to the thrill, baby Carroll is a GIRL! In case you can't tell from the pink silly string! We are so excited to add a baby girl into our house of boys and I cant wait to have all things pink and ruffled!

Archer was really happy it is a "sister girl" and can't wait to teach her to ride his bike. Such a sweetie! Keating is still convinced that I have a litter of 5 boys hiding in my belly. Thankfully, he will be sorely disappointed, as there is certainly only one baby in there! 

We are quickly getting used to the idea of our growing family. I had forgotten all of the things that babies need, but was quickly reminded with a trip to Buy Buy Baby! In the past 4 years, baby gear has changed drastically! I feel like things have become so high tech! Monitors can scan the room and talk, car seats are lighter and strollers are even better! This is not going to be good for the budget! We really don't need much, except for a new car seat (ours expired) and a stroller (since I got rid of all of them) and of course, all new clothes! Besides that, we are in pretty good shape. 

I am also really excited to decorate a new nursery! Once I have a game plan together I will share on the blog! There are so many choices for girl things, its just hard to decide! 


Life since February!

Hi friends, I realize it has been QUITE a while since I last checked in. I wanted to fill y'all in on what has been going on around our house!

we got chickens!

we played t-ball

both boys learned to ride 2 wheel bikes

we got more chickens (they met a sad fate with our dog Ike)

I needed a new table and refinished this one I found in our basement

we had long chats on the porch

we played in the sprinkler

we spent many Saturdays on the lake

we went to the beach

we protected the house from evil forces

we had a few bad days
we made friends with a bunny that lives in the woods behind our house

I turned 31

we grew a big garden

we napped

Brad and I took a trip to Maine

I survived rocky cliffs and dangerous hikes to get this photo

we sailed

we saw lighthouses and whale watched

we grew pumpkins that will probably be rotten before Halloween because we planted them too early

we also grew wildflowers

we got more chicks after the last masacre

 we got tons of tomatoes 

we started kindergarten!

our chickens started laying eggs

we started preschool

A brief summary, but I am still here. I hope to blog more regularly! We have had a lot of projects going on at the house that I will share soon!


Unfortunately, it is still winter.

I was hoping our old groundhog General Beauregard Lee was going to be accurate on his prediction for an early spring. I am over the sub-zero temps we have been having here in Georgia. I know I really have nothing to complain about since have of the country is under feet of snow... but I speak for everyone when I say BRING ON SPRING!

My email inbox has not been helping with all of the pretty florals and spring colors either. I already have my eye on a few and hopefully I have reason to buy/ wear some of them soon!