Where there is smoke, there is usually smoke damage

Last night after work, we headed over to the house to check the progress of everything. When we walked in, we immediately still smelled smoke, even after the restoration company was supposedly finished with the smoke removal. We climbed on a ladder and realized that the entire ceiling area over the kitchen as well as our master closet and bathroom all still smell like a BBQ restaurant. This worries me because I fear that our house will ALWAYS have this burnt smell.

We are awaiting approval from the insurance company to move forward, but it is looking like we will be removing more ceilings and treating the beams for the smell. Of course, this means many more days added to our timeline which is already at the 2 month mark. It is frustrating and I am trying so hard to be patient, but I really do miss having my own house.

In other news, the painters got a little ahead of themselves and started repainting all of our interior doors. I decided to go with the same Sherwin Williams Iron Ore that we had on the doors at our old house. It is great at hiding dirt and I just love dark doors. My dad says my house looks like the inside of a battle ship but I disagree!
Has anyone else ever had to deal with smoke damage? Please tell me that this is fixable! 

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