Tuesday Catch Up

Life has been pretty hectic lately, as I am sure many of y'all can relate. Our house repairs are taking longer than expected. After all of the smoke damage was treated, we were still smelling smoke in the house. This pushed everything back a week for more smoke treatment and to have more of the affected insulation removed in the ceilings and attic. The painter was supposed to be there today to begin priming all of the lumber to make sure that no more smoky smell would be coming out. 

Last week we narrowed down our final flooring choice. It is a 7 inch, hand scraped board in a lighter finish... still dark, but not as dark as before. Hopefully this will help conceal scratches and little muddy footprints .

Last Thursday I took the day off to spend with the boys. We ran a few errands and then had a picnic at our church playground. It was fun to be a stay at home mom for the day! The boys are getting to be at such a fun age. Even though they are wild and crazy, they constantly have us cracking up.

On Friday I was back at work, but broke away to Goodwill during lunch and found the most amazing brass table. I have been wanting a brick layers table similar to the ones sold at Restoration Hardware, but they are ridiculously expensive and I am much too cheap! When I first saw this table, I knew it had great potential. I stood there stalking it and making sure no one else bought it before me. Most people probably thought it was junk, but it was solid brass and had an interesting wood inlay on the top that I think I may use somewhere else. Here is the before without the top. It isn't finished yet, because the weekend got too busy, but stay tuned! 

We also had friends join us for grilled pizza on Friday evening. If you cant tell by the messy clothes and faces, the boys had a blast playing together.

We also had an impromptu 2nd birthday for Archer on Sunday. This month has completely crept up on me and I can't believe my baby is almost 2! With Brad's work schedule and this weekend being Easter, we decided to go ahead and celebrate early. We had a few family members over and ate hot dogs,cake and ice cream. Nothing spectacular or Pinterest worthy, but he loved every minute. 

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