January in Retrospect

Sorry for the absence, how in the world is January already over?? Here's a little recap of what we have been up to.

1. We gave up sugar. It's going well... HA kidding, In all seriousness though, we have really limited the kids sugar intake and I do feel like we have seen an improvement in the school progress reports. The only days Keating got a "yellow" on his report were the days when there were donuts consumed Oops.
2. We cleaned out all of the Christmas clutter and the house felt a little bare. I decided to add a pom pom garland to the fireplace. I think it is cute, Brad think's it is stupid, but its still hanging so obviously it's not too offensive to him. ;)
3. Painting kick - Lately I have been spending my weekends letting out my creative energy. Sometimes I let the boys help and I always love the direction they lead me to, but sometimes they need a bit of reigning in because they are quite free in their brush strokes! This is a recent commission I did for a friend and I was a bit sad to see it go. 
4. I bought a succulent and haven't killed it yet. So far it is doing better than the fiddle leaf fig in the above picture that is always on the verge of death. Did I mention that all of the shrubs in my back yard look dead too? I obviously have a green thumb....
5. Poor Lola has been diagnosed with glaucoma. We went for a visit to the dog ophthalmologist (yes those exist) and she got a somewhat grim prognosis. For now we will treat with medication until it gets out of control and then she will need surgery or eye removal. Poor girl.
6. Earlier in the month my dad scored tickets for Monster Jam. The boys were in total monster truck heaven. This is the only decent picture we got because they couldn't even focus for a photo the whole time we were there. 
Those are the highlights for the month! 

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  1. I love your fireplace and mantle! Love it! And I think the garland is cute!


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