It Is No Secret That I LOVE Target...

There are so many cute things at Target for spring. This dress could be worn in so many ways for summer.

This tank is perfect for work or even a night out.

 Black and white patterns make a good portion of my wardrobe. This shirt may need to add to my collection.

The Merona chino shorts are a more budget friendly version of the J Crew chino shorts. I am sure the J Crew ones are probably better quality, but it wouldn't hurt to try these on. I am in need of a few pairs or more "adult" shorts instead of the ones that are currently in my closet.... or not in my closet but in boxes at the laundry restoration facility...you know what I mean. These are also 15% off with Cartwheel currently!
 and they also come in cute patterns!
Now, if we could only get consistently warm weather to wear spring clothes!


  1. Those shorts are adorable! I love Target's clothes!

  2. Cute clothes!! I'm a huge Target fan, too.


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