5 on Friday

1. Tonight's dinner menu includes pizza on the grill and wine on the patio. I adore this time of year and grilled pizza is my absolute favorite. Have you ever had grilled pizza? If you haven't then you must try it. You will be forever changed!
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2. When rebuilding our fireplace and surrounding areas, we are thinking we should go ahead and spring for built in storage. I am loving this image.
3. Brad was asked by a friend to go to George Strait's final concert in Atlanta on Saturday. I am super jealous! 

4. Once we are finally in our house... instead of having a housewarming party, we thought it would be awesome to have a barn dance. Sadly I can't think of a way to have glitter rain from rafters like in Footloose, and our "barn" is more like a big shed, but I still think it would be tons of fun!
5. I don't think that I have expressed my love for this eye shadow on the blog yet... This Wet N Wild eye shadow is my favorite that I have tried in a REALLY long time. The texture of the shadow is really smooth, better than some of the high end brands I have used. The colors combined make a great rose gold and it stays put all day. It is completely worth the $2 I think I paid for it!


  1. Hi from your newest follower. Super cute blog. I've never tried grilling pizza but I'll put it at the top of my list. I'm obsessed with the built-in bookshelves around our fireplace.

  2. Welcome Sarah! Thanks for following! You will love grilled pizza!

  3. We LOVE grilled pizza!! My husband has a big green egg and he's kinda obsessed with it....so we've been itching to do pizzas on it lately. Do you have a good recipe for pizza crusts? We like them thin and crispy but it never turns out well on the grill so we would like to try a different recipe. Of course, it could always be user error ;)

  4. A barn dance!! How fab! Love that idea. And thanks for the eyeshadow rec, great price!

  5. We can't decide on our built-in situation- right now we aren't doing them but keeping changing our minds!

    Our house warming will be a pig pickin', so I love the barn dance idea! Fun!

  6. Love grilled pizza!!!! Easiest crust is buying the dough from publix!


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