5 on Friday

1. Well, after waiting for over 2 hours at the bank yesterday, we OFFICIALLY closed our loan! No more paying interest on a construction loan. Hallelujah! This brings us one step closer to our move in date. We have to pass our final building inspection next week and then we will be able to finally move in! I haven't showed many photos lately because nothing is really going on... still waiting on our cabinet maker to finish a few things... still waiting on our HVAC guy to install the small unit that will heat and cool our bonus room. It's kind of a sore subject for me and since I can't say something nice, I'm just going to shut up. Here are a few photos I took last weekend after we cleaned up a bit.

Back steps leading to the bonus room. They still have a few coats of stain, paint and poly before they are complete. The "cupboard under the stairs" will be a pantry of sorts. I am still debating how to go about this but I have a few ideas. I'll be making a trip to Ikea tomorrow to weigh out my options. That door leads to the laundry room.
A shot of the kitchen, we are still missing the shelves that will go in between the two columns to divide the room. Once we move in we will install our back splash. We have a very large open area to the right of the kitchen. No idea what we are going to do there...
 Entry way and Dining Room. 
 Living room, still waiting for a warm day to stain all of the wood doors. From the looks of it, we could be waiting a while! 

Probably my favorite part of this entire house. Though I am not sure how much I will love these steps when climbing up and down them all night tending to sick kids. The steps also need to be finished and the risers need to be painted white.
2. Last week it occurred to me that I had no knobs picked out for any cabinetry. In a rush I went by hobby lobby to see if they had any options and I was pleasantly surprised! These will all be going on the gray bathroom vanities. I found the rest of my hardware on Amazon and D Lawless for a steal. 
3. Amazon- My love for amazon runs deep. While building our house, I searched for EVERYTHING on Amazon before I made any purchases and found AMAZING deals. I will share about that soon.

4. I am having second thoughts about my boys sharing a bedroom. I like the idea of them being upstairs together, but I also like the idea of not being woken up by one of them at 5 am every morning. Has anyone else dealt with this?? Please say is a phase!
5. I know it is WAY too early to even think about swimsuits... considering the last athletic thing I did was probably in September.... but I saw this swim top at Target the other day and loved it! I have a hard time finding swim suits that fit my ladies, but I love that this one fits more like a sports bra. 


  1. SUCH fabulousness in this post...looking forward to seeing more home progress. SO beautiful!!!! xx

  2. Yay! such good news, and I cant wait to see more of your house when you get moved in!

  3. {visiting from the link up} What an exciting post!! My heart is happy for ya, sweets!! Have a lovely week :)

  4. room of the house, which certainly filled with good stuff as well, I wait for the results of your home

  5. Hi Candance! Congrats, you are so close!! I've been following your blog since you visited the 2012 southern living idea house. My husband and I drove down from Pennsylvania to see it around the same time you guys visited when it was all done up for Christmas. I just loved that house, we are building soon as well and have two kids around the same ages as your little ones. We would love to build that idea house but I know we won't be able too because that was around 3500 sqare foot. So I'm glad you found a plan that was similar, I Love the Calabash Cottage. What kind of heating and air conditioning system did you do? We are trying to figure that out. I came across a plan on southern living called Brandon Hall. Check it out. We would have to do some rearranging to the layout inside but the look is similar to the idea house. So that is a contender for us.

  6. Hi Candice, I tried to shoot you an email so we could stay in touch but it would go through to MrsSouthernBelle@gmail.com Is that still the correct one? Thanks


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