This weekend left us in stitches... seriously

Up until yesterday, we had a really calm weekend. Friday night we stayed around the house and enjoyed wine and homemade buffalo chicken pizza. It was nice to have a night to do absolutely nothing! Saturday we ran errands to Target and spent the night grilling out with friends. Is my child the only one that loves playing outside of Target?

On Sunday, we went to church and then went to the house to play outside in the gorgeous weather while Brad was there working on a few things. I brought the boys home to give them a nap and five minutes before Keating was going to lay down, he tripped and fell landing on the cup he was holding. As soon as I picked him up, I knew this was not something a butterfly band-aid was going to fix! We were initially going to the ER, but decided to go to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta since they have an urgent care center. He looks pretty pitiful in this photo while I was having to hold his eye closed making sure the numbing gel didn't drip in. Thankfully it worked quite fast and he was back to his usual self asking 100's of questions and making everyone in the waiting room laugh.

He ended up with 4 stitches to his sweet little face straight through the eyebrow. I am a bit worried about scaring but we are so thankful that the cup didn't cut his eye! This photo makes it look pretty bad, but this morning I already saw great improvement. They took such good care of him, and we were in and out much faster than the ER ever would have been! He was quite pleased the he got a Popsicle after everything was complete!


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