Bathroom Inspiration

Things have been very busy over at the house this week! The entire inside has been sheet rocked and the exterior painting is starting today. Unfortunately, by the time I get home from work it is a bit too dark to get any good photos, so those will have to wait until this weekend. 

With all of this progress, I am moving right along in my choices for the interior finishes. I am told that as soon as the sheet rocking is complete, they will begin trim and tiling. Here are a few of my bathroom/ tile inspirations from my trusty Pinterest file. 

I have been LOVING steel blue lately and plan to use it in our master bedroom. I may carry it over to the bathroom as well.

I really love this bathroom with its planked shower wall and clawfoot tub. I am so happy that we chose to do a clawfoot tub instead of a standard bathtub. It takes up much less room in our long narrow bathroom and I love that we are reusing something old. It should be all painted and finished soon!

 As usual, I love anything gray. 

 For the boy's bathroom, I am looking for a cheaper tile option. I like how these cheap 6x6 tiles are laid in a brick pattern. 

 The floors in our master bath will be similar to the ones below. I loved these floors since we renovated our last house and when I went to purchase the tile it was sold out! Hopefully it is still in stock when I go to purchase this time.

I have a feeling that all of my bathrooms are going to look very similar with white and gray tile!

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