31 Days of Building a Home - Exterior Inspiration

Thanks to Pinterest, I have been accumulating photos of my "dream house" for the past few years. These have been great to look back on and get ideas for our home. I have a hard time visualizing things sometimes, so this helps me to compare what something could look like in my home. Some ideas may come to life, but others are very unrealistic. It can be a bit hard comparing what you have to what you see online, but I think it is more helpful when used as a resource.

 It is obvious when looking through my pinterest board, that I have a thing for white houses with black shutters. 

I haven't decided if we will have black or bronze shutters yet... I am leaning towards bronze to match with our brick color. It is also a little less expected. I go back and forth between a white exterior and this warm grey. Thoughts?

 Our exterior doors will be stained dark brown. I love the look of a stained door, so welcoming. 

We are also going to have a crushed gravel driveway and sidewalks. Our driveway will be pretty long and paving it would cost a fortune. Lucky for us, we both love the look of the gravel. 
This firepit is pretty amazing. 

Our ceilings will be "haint blue" as is customary in old Southern homes. Supposedly keeping the bugs and wandering ghosts away! ;)
Do you have ideas stashed away for your one day home? You can visit more of mine on my pinterest boards. 

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  1. I really love your style of houses! And I totally understand the long driveway issues... It gets soooo expensive when you have to pay for that, right?!


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