Photo Recap

 Random recent photos in no particular order. 
Easter Egg hunting with Auntie
 Hanging out in the swing because he is frustrated he cant walk yet.
 Fishing from the tree house
 Ike has learned new tricks at training after we nearly had a break in the week we moved out of our house. Ike was the hero and scared the intruder away.
 Archer loathed the Easter bunny
 Easter Sunday. Next year the kids will be more dressed up... I didn't have my act together this year, living in a basement really affects my ability to plan ahead for some reason.
 When did this boy get SO big?!
 Speaking of big, I forget how massive Ike is. He has really missed us. Some of us are enjoying Ike's little vacation.... others (Brad and Keating) are ready for him to come home again. 
and another egg hunting photo with my boys. Man I love those kids. 

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  1. those boys of yours are always so so cute! and you know i LOVE that floral dress you're rocking =)


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