Spring.... we are waiting....

  • Where in the world is spring?! Normally this time of year, Spring is around us and we are covered in pollen. This Easter weekend forecast is looking a bit chilly and even rainy. How are you supposed to wear your Easter best when it is cold and rainy!? 

  • My Easter dress is this floral dress from Target. I have loved the print for awhile but it never made its way into the cart. This week it is on sale for $20 and I figured it was worth a try. It is very flattering with the cinched waist.I also picked up the black and white polka dot one. This also makes me realize that I only been buying clothes at Target lately... maybe I need to branch out.

  • Spring normally marks a time in the real estate market where there is an explosion of available homes. You always hear "spring is the time to buy!" Well not this year. Building/ buying a house has been much harder than we ever anticipated. There was a reason our house sold in 1 day.... because there are NO OTHER HOUSES FOR SALE! I check listings multiple times a day, and nothing new comes available in our price range or the area we are interested in. We have also gone as far as mailing letters to land owners in the area to see if they would sell off a portion to us.... no luck. So for now, we wait. I am learning that patience is not my strongest quality, but I know that God would not have us in this position if it was not within reason. I keep telling myself it will all work out. 

  • Is anyone else completely disappointed with this season of The Vampire Diaries? Each episode I am finding myself even less interested than the week before. Damon has not been nearly has witty and if I have to see Elena do her horrible fake cry again, I might be done. This used to be the highlight of my week and now it is very ho hum. Get with it Vampire Diaries!

  • One show I am absolutely loving is Revenge. The plot gets better and better and how wonderful is Aiden Mathis? He is starting to replace my love of Damon Salvatore.

That about sums up this random post. We have a fun weekend lined up with a trip to the aquarium, an egg hunt, and church on Easter Sunday. If anyone in the Woodstock area is looking for a church to attend, First Baptist Church Woodstock has an amazing service. Don't be intimidated by the size, its a great church!

** I realized once I hit edit that this was my 600th post! Maybe I should have actually come up with something better to write about!


  1. Completely agree with your disappointment in TVD! It's losing its mojo. That floral dress is amazing! Target has really be hitting the nail on the head lately.

  2. Love that dress :-) oh and come ON with the warm weather already!!

  3. I love Revenge as well! And Aiden is sure dreamy...especially with his accent :)

  4. Amen on not wearing your Easter best when it's crummy weather. "Hello, Spring? Jesus ROSE on the third day, maybe your temperature should follow suit. Reverence for the Lord, sheesh!" (I believe I'll tweet that.)

  5. I love that dress! I picked it up a week or so ago and I have been meaning to get back out and go get the black polka dot one, also. They are perfect for work and super comfy and flattering.

  6. I feel you on the housing situation! When we were looking for our house it was also a nightmare! I checked the listings every hour! But, that being said, it worked to my advantage because we were able to scoop up our house FAST when we found "the one". Also, the house down the street from us went on the market on Sunday and was under contract within HOURS....crazy!

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